Mobile Sources Program - Vehicle / Equipment Operators Portal

This page last reviewed July 20, 2016

truck driver This page is for owners and operators of mobile sources from diesel equipment, trucks and buses, to the fuels used in marine engines.  This addresses fleets from one to many mobile sources.  Below are the regulations that affect the owner / operator's use (such as idling and vehicle speed reduction for marine vessels) as well as the engines in these mobile sources.  Below, lists the resounces you need to comply with ARB regulations including financial incentives available.


These programs include overlapping requirements or programs to assist in meeting the regulation requirements below.

Bus and Truck Requirements:

These requirements are vehicle specific. Other fleet - wide requirements may apply and are provided below.

Marine Vessels:

In this section, you will find the regulations that affect owners and operators of marine vessels.

Fleet Requirements:

Fleet requirements are based on the operation and ownership of the mobile source engines used in a fleet. Beyond specific marine vessel and truck and bus requirements above, ARB has additional regulations that affect a wide variety of mobile source fleets.  In some cases, a "fleet" could mean a single vehicle or piece of equipment.  Below, you will find these additional regulations.