In-Use Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Vehicle Repair Durability Testing Project (RDTP)

This page last reviewed June 13, 2017

About the RDTP Program

Emissions from vehicles can affect our air quality, which in turn can affect the health of our families, our friends, and ourselves.  Reducing emissions from vehicles helps keep everyone as healthy as possible.  Controlling these emissions starts with having a better understanding about how they are made, especially emissions from both brand new vehicles and from vehicles as they are being driven.

Currently, CARB is trying to reduce emissions from on-road diesel heavy-duty trucks.  To do this, CARB needs to do some more emission testing of these trucks to better understand how certain emissions are being made and how best to reduce them.  One issue that can increase emissions is when emission control parts or engine parts break.  CARB wants to find out how much these emissions are reduced if the truck is fixed, and for how long the truck stays fixed.

For this testing project, called the emission parts repair durability testing project, CARB is looking for 2013 and newer trucks with broken emission parts.  For example, if the diesel particulate filter or the selective catalytic reduction system on your truck is not working, CARB may be interested in emission testing it.  If your truck is selected to be in CARB's testing project, you will be paid a weekly rental fee and your truck's emission control system will be repaired, if needed, and the repair will be paid for by CARB.  If your truck is still under warranty, CARB will make sure that any repairs are done properly, and you will be paid a weekly rental fee while CARB is testing and repairing your truck.

This emission parts repair durability testing project began in 2016.  Each truck will be transported to CARB's Haagen-Smit Laboratory, in El Monte, CA.  Over two to eight weeks, each participating truck will be emission tested at this laboratory and at CARB's other heavy-duty vehicle and engine testing facility near downtown Los Angeles.  The emission testing will be done by expert personnel at these laboratories.  Exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, and particulate matter will be measured as part of this test project.  CARB will ensure that any emission repairs, if needed, will be done properly.   Each participating truck will be driven at all times by Class A licensed drivers.

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For more information regarding the In-Use Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Vehicle Repair Durability Testing Program, please contact Hung-Li Chang or Utpala Ramesh, or their Manager Ronald Haste.