Highway Motorcycle Emissions Certification Requirements

This page last reviewed April 2, 2019.

This page provides a list of emission-related regulations, test procedures, Manufacturers Advisory Correspondences (MACs), and related documents applicable to highway motorcycles (HMC), also known as on-road or "street" motorcycles, and is primarily for the interest and needs of manufacturers and others that are required to obtain certification from ARB.  For more public oriented materials, please visit our On- and Off-Road Motorcycle Certification Enforcement Program web page.

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Overview.   A presentation summarizing the process by which motorcycle manufacturers can certify their vehicles in California.  (PDF - 1870K)  Printer friendly version.  (PDF - 608K)

Regulations.   - "Motorcycle" defined in California Health and Safety Code, Section 39041, also in California Vehicle Code, Section 400.
- The California emissions regulations for HMC are in Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Section 1958 (13 CCR Section 1958).
- Evaporative emissions regulations are in 13 CCR Section 1976.

Test Procedures.   13 CCR Section 1958 references the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (U.S. EPA's) test procedures in Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 86, Subparts E and F.  These procedures are available from the U.S. EPA's Regulations for Emissions from Motorcycles (Light-duty) web page.
The "California Evaporative Emission Standards and Test Procedures for 2001 and Subsequent Model Motor Vehicles". (PDF - 887K)

California Emissions Warranty.   The California motorcycle emissions warranty requirements are in 13 CCR Section 2035, et seq.

Emissions Labeling.   The California emissions labeling requirements are in 13 CCR Section 1965.

Fuel Fill Pipe Requirements.
  The fuel fill pipe specifications are in 13 CCR Section 2235.
  • Specifications for Fill Pipes and Openings of 1977 Through 2014 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tanks (PDF - 614K)
  • Specifications for Fill Pipes and Openings of 2015 and Subsequent Motor Vehicle Fuel Tanks (PDF - 401K)
  • Fuel fill pipe application (PDF - 221K)
  • Executive Order G-70-16-E, fuel fill pipe specification exemption. (PDF - 59K)

Manufacturers Advisory Correspondences (MACs). The following are selected MACs addressing highway motorcycle certification.  For a fuller list of Mobile Source MACs click the link to the left.
  • MAC 86-06, Assigned Evaporative Deterioration Factor. (PDF - 137K)
  • MAC 82-03, Evaporative Deterioration Factor Determination. (PDF - 105K)
  • MAC 81-005, Motorcycle Certification Procedures. (PDF - 254K)
  • MAC 81-002, Evaporative Component Bench Aging Procedures. (PDF - 263K)
  • MAC 80-1, Alternate Diurnal Temperature Profile. (PDF - 233K)
  • MAC 77-8, Motorcycle Line And Model. (PDF - 77K)

Mailouts.  Mailouts MailoutsMailouts The following are selected mail-outs addressing highway motorcycle certification.  For a fuller list of Mobile Source mail-outs click the link to the left.
  • Letter CMC-2016-064, Screening Test For Highway Motorcycles And Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles. (PDF - 559K)
  • ECARS 15-07, Streamlined Certification Process For Carryover And Partial Carryover Certification Applications. (PDF - 184K)
  • MSO 2008-02, California Certification Procedures for Highway Motorcycle Engines. (PDF - 71K)
  • MSO 2008-01, Compliance Assistance and Certification Workshop for Highway Motorcycles, Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles, and Small Off-Road Engines and Equipment. (PDF - 35K).    Presentation, (PDF - 6131K).    Printer Friendly Version,(PDF - 471K)
  • MSO 2007-03, New Requirement to Report Carbon Dioxide Emissions from 2008 and Subsequent Model Year California Certified Vehicles and Engines. (PDF - 85K)

Recommended Application Format. Recommended Application Format for Certification of Highway Motorcycles.

Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Confirmatory Testing by ARB, Highway Motocycles and Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles. (PDF - 70K)
  • Pre Delivery Checklist for ARB Confirmatory Test Vehicle - Highway Motorcycles, Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles. (PDF -128K)

ARB Certification Administrative Requirements.   New vehicle manufacturers are required to register with ARB as a manufacturer to gain access to the Document Management System (DMS) and Electronic Certification System (E-Cert). See these web pages:

For more information regarding these regulations and test procedures, please contact the On-Road Light-Duty Certification staff listed on the On-Road New Vehicle and Engine Certification Program web page.