Frequenty Asked Questions - Vehicle/Engine Emissions Certification

This page last reviewed November 15, 2011.

This page lists frequently asked questions (FAQ) relating to the emissions certification of new vehicles and engines in Califonria.

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Confirmatory Testing by ARB - Highway Motorcycles, Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles.

Confirmatory testing is emissions testing conducted by the Air Resources Board (ARB) of a manufacturer’s test vehicle. In the context of this advisory FAQ, “manufacturer” refers to the party that requests certification and whose name is specified on the certification Executive Order, and confirmatory testing refers to emissions testing by the ARB of a manufacturer’s certification test vehicle, or a production vehicle representing the certification test vehicle, during ARB’s evaluation of an application for certification prior to issuing an Executive Order. (PDF -70K)

Pre Delivery Checklist for ARB Confirmatory Test Vehicle.

To ensure that vehicles are tested in a timely manner manufacturers delivering their vehicles to ARB for confirmatory testing are asked to complete and sign this checklist and provide it to ARB certification staff prior to, or concurrently with, the vehicle arrival at ARB. (PDF -12K

For more information regarding these FAQs, please contact the On-Road Light-Duty Certification staff listed on the On-Road New Vehicle and Engine Certification Program web page.