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PERP Regulation - UPDATED 2018
PERP Home Page

Regulation Applies To:
Portable Engines
- Any Fuel Type
- No Gas Turbines (except TSE)

Portable Equipment Units
- Any device that emits only PM.
   - Crushers
   - Screening Plants
   - Wood Grinders
   - Concrete Batch Plants
   - Abrasive Blasting
► Exempt: ▼ Exempt:
  • - Equipment owned by agricultural cources (not rental)
    - Engines powering mobile vehicles or equipment (self-propelled)
    - Any engine or equipment unit that resides at a location for more than 12 consecutive months
    - Any engine or equipment that qualifies as part of a stationary source permitted by a local Air District

  The Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) is a voluntary program for the registration of portable engines and equipment units. WIth certain limited exceptions, portable equipment registered in PERP may operate throughout the state without obtaining permits from any of California's local Air Quality Management or Air Pollution Control Districts (Air Districts).

CARB has recently amended the PERP regulation and Portable Engine ATCM. For more information please review the following booklet:

PERP Booklet on 2018
Regulatory and Program Changes

To recieve the latest information regarding the amendments, and to stay up to date with all things PERP, please join the Portable Listserv.
Fleet Requirements

  • All fleets are classified into either a small fleet (cumulative horsepower of up to 750) or a large fleet (cumulative horsepower of over 750).

    Small fleets must follow the tier phase out schedule.
    Large fleets may either follow the phase out schedule or meet the fleet-average emission rates.

    These requirements are described below.

    Tier Phase Out Option

    Please note:

    If your engine is not eligible for PERP, you must contact your local Air District to inquire about permit requirements.

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