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Off-Road Final Regulation
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Regulation Applies To:
- Vehicles with off-road engines of 25 hp or greater
- Workover rigs
- 2-engine cranes.
- 2-engine water well drilling rigs
- 2-engine vehicles with auxiliary engines of greater than or equal to 50bhp that:
    • Are not subject to the Public Agencies & Utilities (PAU) fleet rule
    • Are not sweepers subject to Truck & Bus rule
    • Do not contain a Tier 0 auxiliary engine
► Exempt Vehicles: ▼ Exempt Vehicles:
  • - Locomotives
    - Commercial marine vessels and marine engines
    - Recreational off-highway vehicles
    - Combat and tactical support equipment
    - Stationary equipment
    - Portable engines, except auxiliary engines on
       2-engine vehicles
    - Equipment used exclusively for agricultural
    - Implements of husbandry
    - Certain 2-engine vehicles
    - 2-engine street sweepers subject to Truck & Bus    rule
    - Equipment subject to the mobile Cargo Handling
       Equipment (CHE) rule
    - Equipment owned and operated for personal,
       non-commercial, and non-governmental use
    - Vehicles awaiting sale (i.e., dealers)

- Tier 1 and 0 engine vehicles are prohibited from being added to any fleet
- Idling Limits
- Written idling policy
- Sales disclosure on sold vehicles
- Reporting and labeling
- Restrictions on adding older vehicles
- Emission performance standards

Fleet Sizes and Compliance Dates:

Restrictions on Adding Vehicles:

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Reporting Guides:


Please note:

- All existing fleets should have filed their initial report in 2009. If you are a new fleet, you must report your vehicles within 30 days per section 2449(d)(4) of the regulation. If you are an existing fleet, you must report any new vehicles added within 30 days as per Section 3449(d)(6).

Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategy (VDECS) Information:
- VDECS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
- Off-road VDECS information
- List of currently verified filters
- List of off-road VDECS installers
- VDECS Credit FAQ
- Off-road retrofit safety and visibility exemptions
- VDECS Removal FAQ

Upcoming Deadlines:


January 1, 2018
  • • Large (>5,000hp) and medium (2,501 – 5,000hp) fleets must meet emission performance requirements.
  • • Large (>5,000hp) and medium (2,501 – 5,000hp) fleets are prohibited from adding any tier 2 engine vehicles to their fleet.
  • • All fleets are prohibited from adding any tier 1 or tier 0 engine vehicles to their fleet.
  • • Small fleets (=2,500hp) no longer receive double credit for installing a highest level PM Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategy (VDECS) or VDECS verified to reduce NOx.

March 1, 2018
  • • All fleets are required to complete their annual reporting requirements and submit a Responsible Official Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR) form.

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