Off-Road Technology Workshop Presentations

This page last reviewed December 9, 2003

At the March and October 1998 public hearings, the Board requested that the staff prepare a review of technology development for the various off-road mobile sources. The review is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the Board in the autumn of 2000. At this time, staff has scheduled workshops to enable interested parties to present information relevant to that review.

On February 2 and 3, the staff of the Off-Road Controls Section held the initial workshops for its upcoming report to the Board on off-road emission control technologies. A total of 14 presentations were given by industry members regarding technologies that could be used to reduce emissions from off-road engines, in the near or long term.

February 2 was dedicated to the discussion of spark-ignition engine emission technologies. Nine speakers gave presentations for an industry audience of about 60 people, click here for a list of the attendees (Excel - 19K) or (Acrobat - 7K). February 3 was dedicated to the discussion of compression-ignition engine emission technologies. Five speakers gave presentations for an industry audience of about 50 people.

The following are the slides (including attachments and hand-outs, when provided) for each speaker's presentation. Please note that the contents of these presentations do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the ARB, nor does any mention of trade names or commercial products constitute ARB endorsement or recommendation of use.

Day 1

Spark-Ignition Engines (PowerPoint - 342K) or (Acrobat - 270K) Scott Rowland ARB
Emission Reduction Products for Off-Road >25 hp SI Engines (Acrobat - 646K) Dale McKinnon MECA
Pyrotek Combustion Technology: Spark-Ignition Electrod Advancement and Its Effects on Small Engine Emissions (PowerPoint - 98K) or (Acrobat - 73K)

Pyrotek Attachment (Word - 82K) or (Acrobat - 48K)
Norman Garrett Pyrotek
Case Study: The Results of IMPCO's GM 3.0 Liter Certified Engine Program (PowerPoint - 1MB) or (Acrobat - 490K) Josh Pietak IMPCO Technologies
Durability Experience with Electronic Controlled CNG and LPG Engines (PowerPoint - 784K) or (Acrobat - 459K) Dr. Alex Lawson GFI Control Systems
Low Emission LPG Off-Road Engines (PowerPoint - 8MB) or (Acrobat - 971K) Dr. Brian Sun IMPCO Technologies
Professional DC Electric Powered Lawn Care Products (PowerPoint - 1MB) or (Acrobat - 100K) Larry Will ECHO Inc.
Introducing the Latest Two-Dycle Design Innovation from Maruyama Manufacturing Co. - High Efficiency Recirculator Engine (PowerPoint - 753K) or (Acrobat - 474K) Matt Wilson Maruyama
Secondary Air Injection System for Single-Cylinder Four-Stroke Utitlity Engines (PowerPoint - 1.6 MB) or (Acrobat - 724K) Paul Maurer Maurdyne Industries
John Deere LE Engine Technology (PowerPoint - 1.5MB) or (Acrobat - 1.1 MB) Tim Griswold,
Pat McCreedy and
Dr. Britt Cobb
John Deere
Consumer Products

Day 2

Compression-Ignition Engines (PowerPoint - 367K) or (Acrobat - 270)

Scott Rowland


Recent Developments in Integrated Exhaust Emission Control Technologies Including Retrofit of Off-Road Diesel Vehicles (Acrobat - 815K)

Dale McKinnon


The QuadCAT Four-Way Catalytic Converter An Integrated Emission Control System for Diesel Engines (PowerPoint - 2.2 MB) or (Acrobat - 1MB)

Bob MacDonald


Innovative Reengineering of Two-Cycle Diesel Engines (PowerPoint - 121K) or (Acrobat - 77K)

CCTS Brochure (Acrobat - 131K)

Terry Ellis

Clean Cam

Emissions Technologies for Off-Highway Compression-Ignition Engines (PowerPoint - 1,464K) or (Acrobat - 404K)

Peter Church

AVL Powertrain

ARCO EC-D Fuel (PowerPoint - 2MB) or (Acrobat - 143K)

Chuck LeTavec


Where Can I Get More Information?

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