Small Off-Road Engines July 2, 2003 Public Workshop Presentations

This page finalized July 7, 2003

Public Workshop

On July 2, 2003 the California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff conducted a workshop to solicit public comments on proposed regulations to reduce exhaust and evaporative emissions from small spark-ignited off-road engines (SORE) less than 25 horsepower. Below are the presentations provided by staff and members of industry at the workshop.

Presenter Topic File
ARB Inventory 345 KB
ARB Evaporative Emissions 361 KB
ARB Exhaust Emissions 665 KB
OPEI Inventory 859 KB
AIR Inventory 76 KB
Briggs&Stratton Evaporative Emissions 3 MB
Briggs&Stratton Evaporative Emissions 2 MB
OPEI Evaporative Emissions 69 KB
OPEI Evaporative Emissions 76 KB
OPEI Evaporative Emissions 1 MB (mpeg file)
OPEI Evaporative Emissions 1 MB (mpeg file)
Kelch Evaporative Emissions 105 KB
EMA/OPEI Exhaust Emissions 7 MB
EMA/OPEI Exhaust Emissions 9 MB
OPEI Exhaust Emissions 71 KB
OPEI Exhaust Emissions 352 KB
OPEI Exhaust Emissions 785 KB
Briggs&Stratton Implementation 3 MB
OPEI Implementation 61 KB
OPEI Implementation 77 KB
OPEI Overview 78 KB
OPEI Distribution 78 KB
OPEI Small OEM 81 KB
Sierra Research, Inc. Cost 77 KB

Small Off-Road Engine Emission Reduction Program