Carl Moyer Program: Off-Road Voucher Program

This page last reviewed August 24, 2010

In 2008, the Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) for on-road trucks was added to the Carl Moyer Program. Since then, applicants and air districts have expressed interest in adopting a similar program for off-road diesel equipment. Staff is currently developing a proposed off-road voucher program that is modeled after the on-road VIP and is intended to be a streamlined version of the Off-Road Equipment Replacement Program currently in Part I, Chapter 7 in the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines .If you have questions on this proposed voucher program, please contact Ms. Dinh Quach at (626) 350-6485 or e-mail at .

For more information on the Carl Moyer Off-Road Voucher Incentive Program, please visit the program website.

Public Workgroups:

The third public workgroup meeting (teleconference on August 25, 2010)
The second public workgroup meeting (teleconference on July 29, 2010)
The first public workgroup meeting (teleconference on June 17, 2010)