Carl Moyer Program: Off-Road Voucher Incentive Program (ORVIP)

This page last reviewed October 7, 2016


The Off-Road Voucher Incentive Program (ORVIP) provides a streamlined approach to reduce emissions by replacing existing, high-polluting equipment with newer, lower-emission equipment. The ORVIP provides real emission benefits by retiring the high-polluting equipment earlier than would have been expected through normal attrition or by regulation. Carl Moyer Program funds for voucher projects are used to offset part of the cost of the replacement equipment.

For more information regarding the Carl Moyer Program, please email us or contact ARB's Diesel Hotline.

Projects Eligible for Funding

The following categories may be eligible for funding:

Eligible Project Types: ORVIP



New Equipment Replacement Purchase

The purchase of new equipment to replace the existing equipment that is to be scrapped. The new equipment must have an engine that meets the current California emission standards (Tier) or the current United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) emission standards (Tier) if it is a federally preempted engine.

Carl Moyer Program Funding Amounts

The maximum total project funding amounts associated with reducing the eligible costs of an ORVIP project are pre-determined and shown in Appendix O, pages 55-60, of the Off-Road Voucher Incentive Program section of the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines.

For more detailed information on Project Criteria please see the 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, Part 2: Voucher Program Guidelines, Off-Road Voucher Incentive Program, Section C, pages 2-20.

To find your air district or to check if funding is available for this category, please visit our Air District Contact Page.

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