(AB 1394) New Requirements for the Expanded Carl Moyer Program

This page updated July 7, 2005.

What is AB 1394?

AB 1394 was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger on September 21, 2004. AB 1394 requires ARB to include projects in the Moyer Program that:
  • Replace an old engine / vehicle with a newer one certified to more stringent standards.

  • Provide equivalent reductions as would be gained by a project that purchases a new very low or zero emission vehicles and replaces an old engine / vehicle with a newer one certified to more stringent standards.           
Monitoring and compliance verification costs can be considered part of the project cost. The legislation also states that in establishing these guidelines, ARB should consider existing fleet modernization projects.
ARB staff addressed the requirements of AB 1394 during the development of the 2005 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines.  Information regarding program eligibility of heavy-duty fleet modernization projects may be found in the current Carl Moyer Program Guidelines.   

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