FY 2005-2006 Carl Moyer Program Multi-District Projects

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Using guidelines developed by the Air Resources Board (ARB), individual air pollution control districts (air districts) are responsible for selecting projects to be funded under the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program (Carl Moyer Program). Most air pollution control districts require all or most of a project's operation to take place within their district boundaries so the benefits accrue locally. Consequently, many worthwhile eligible projects have difficulty getting funded because they operate in more than one air district.

Section 44286 of the Health and Safety Code directs ARB to provide for such multidistrict projects. ARB solicited multidistrict project applications for the 2006 Carl Moyer Program between March 10, 2006 and April 14, 2006. Successful applicants were those with the highest scores based on the selection criteria described in the solicitation.

The following projects were selected for funding under the 2006 Carl Moyer Program Multi-District Program:

2006 Carl Moyer Program Multi-District Project Awards




BNSF Railway Company

Alternative Technology
Switch Locomotive Purchases


Grimmway Farms

Harvester Repowers


Peed Equipment Company

Scraper Repowers


San Joaquin Valley Railroad

Automatic Engine Start-Stop
Devices for Locomotives


Sukut Equipment, Inc.

Rock Truck Repowers


Tanimura and Antle Harvesting

Harvester Repowers


Union Pacific Railroad Company

Alternative Technology
Switch Locomotive Purchases


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