FY 2004-2005 Carl Moyer Program Multi-District Projects

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Section 44286 of the Health and Safety Code gives ARB the authority to reserve up to 10 percent of Carl Moyer Program funding for multi-district projects. Multi-district funding is particularly well suited for projects that operate a portion of the time or miles outside their primary district of operation (within California), or projects with significant air quality impacts in other air districts as a result of air pollutant transport.

ARB solicited project applications for FY 2004-2005 Carl Moyer Program Multi-District projects between March 18, 2005 and April 18, 2005. ARB limited the multi-district project solicitation to projects of a statewide priority:

  • Goods Movement Projects, Including:

    • Marine Vessels and Locomotives

    • Off-Road Equipment Located at a Maritime Port or Railyard

    • On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles that Transport Cargo to and from a Maritime Port or Railyard

  • Off-Road Construction Equipment that Operates in More than One Air District

  • PM retrofit devices that also get NOx reductions for on-road heavy-duty vehicles that operate in more than one air district.  

ARB received over $26 million in requests for $2.9 million in available multi-district project funding. Projects were scored based upon cost-effectiveness, regulatory jurisdiction, environmental justice considerations, project schedule, and application completeness (see the project solicitation for more information). The projects selected for FY 2004-05 Carl Moyer Program Multi-District Funding are listed below.

Carl Moyer Program FY 2004-2005 Multi-District Project Solicitation Awards



Grant and Award

Union Pacific Railroad1

Switcher Repower



Marine Vessel Retrofit


Perry & Shaw Repowers3

Repower 2 Scrapers


Pacific Tugboat Services3

Tugboat Repower (Theo Junior)


Guinn Construction

Construction Repowers


Essex Rental

Construction Repowers


DeSilva Gates Construction

Construction Repowers


Norcal Waste Systems

PM + NOx Retrofits (Line-Haul Truck)





1 - Project application submitted by the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.

2 - Project application submitted by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

3 - Project application submitted by the San Diego Air Pollution Control District.

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