Frequently Asked Questions - Carl Moyer Program Mulit-District

This page last reviewed April 9, 2008.

1) Q: Where do I apply?

A: Applications can be found on our website at /msprog/moyer/multidistrict.htm. Applications must be received by the Air Resources Board (ARB) no later than 5:00 p.m., April 11, 2008. Applications that are not signed by the applicant or that are sent via facsimile or email will not be accepted. Applications can be mailed by U. S. mail to:

Ms. Grace Garcia
Mobile Source Control Division
Air Resources Board
P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento, CA  95812

To deliver your application in person or by a delivery service such as FedEx or DHL, use the following address:

Ms. Grace Garcia
Mobile Source Control Division
Air Resources Board
1001 I Street, 7th floor
Sacramento, CA  95814

2) Q: Can I fax my application?

A: No. ARB will not accept faxed applications.

3) Q: How much money is available?

A: Currently, $8,640,000 is available for both project and administrative funding; however, more money may become available as the program progresses through the fiscal year.

4) Q: What percentage of time would the equipment have to operate in more than one district?

A: Generally, at least 75% of the fuel consumed or miles traveled must occur within California during the lifetime of the project. There is no single-district operational minimum.

5) Q: May I apply for replacement of equipment if the equipment only operates in one district?

A: Equipment must operate in more than one district to be eligible for the multi-district program.  Many of the local air districts have a Carl Moyer Program for vehicles and equipment that operate in their single district.  To find your local district’s Carl Moyer Program contact person, see the webpage: /msprog/moyer/contacts.htm.

6) Q: Will there be a worksheet available to help with the cost effectiveness calculations?

A: An electronic downloadable calculator for on-road and off-road source categories is available on the Multidistrict website: /msprog/moyer/multidistrict.htm.  For other source cateogries eligible for the Multidistrict Program, you should use the explanations and example calculations in Appendices C and E of the 2008 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, available at: /msprog/moyer/moyer.htm.

7) Q: How do I sign up for the Carl Moyer Program email list?

A: To sign up for the Carl Moyer Program email list (as well as other ARB email lists of your choosing), please go to: /listserv/listserv.php and follow the instructions (Note: the Carl Moyer Program email list is in the “Mobile Source” group).

8) Q: Is funding disbursement done differently in each district?

A: Although each air district has its own procedure for distribution of grant monies, disbursement is done quickly throughout all air districts.

9) Q: Will there be a Southern California workshop?

A: No.  Due to resource constraints, the Southern California workshop has been cancelled.

10) Q: Will the presentation from the Workshop on Wednesday, March 5, 2008 be available for download?

A: We plan to soon post the presentation slides from the Multidistrict Informational Conference for those who were unable to participate in person or via webcast.  We will email the Carl Moyer Program email list when we post the worksheets. To sign up for the Carl Moyer Program email list (as well as other ARB email lists of your choosing), please go to: /listserv/listserv.php and follow the instructions (Note: the Carl Moyer Program email list is in the “Mobile Source” group).

11) Q: Is the webcast from the March 5th workshop available online?

A: The webcast from yesterday's workshop was not recorded; however, the presentation slides will be posted on our website by the end of this week or next week (see FAQ #8).

12) Q: If we are aware that some diesel particulate are in the process of being verified, is it okay to calculate cost-effectiveness and apply based upon future verified product costs?  Or, do we have to calculate and provide quotes based upon current verified technology?

A: To be eligible for Carl Moyer Multidistrict funding, all equipment must be verified/certified by ARB.  Any applications that contain non-ARB certified equipment will be labeled as ineligible and will not be considered for review.

13) Q: What is the penalty if awarded a project, and project mileage isn’t met?

A: Project mileage is a relative benchmark.  Before any penalties are considered, many circumstances are taken into account.  Some examples are: business climate/activity, weather, and illness/death.

14) Q: The available amount of funding for the 2008 Multidistrict Solicitation is 50% of the $8,640,000?

A: Fifty percent (50%) of the funds ($4,320,000) will be used to fund multidistrict projects that impact areas disproportionately affected by air pollution, i.e., environmental justice areas.  The remaining $4,320,000 will be used for all other eligible multidistrict projects as described in this solicitation.  ARB reserves the right to reallocate funding among categories if sufficient qualifying proposals are not received in any category.  In addition, depending on funding availability, the actual amount of funds that is set aside for each project category may be increased.

15) Q: Can you give an example of a "Clear timeline for project completion" under the Project Implementation Plan?

A: The timeline for project completion must include applicable project milestones, such as when the equipment is expected to be delivered and how soon the equipment will be put into operation.

16) Q: Is there Carl Moyer Multidistrict funding available for Hybrid vehicles?

A: The Carl Moyer Program currently does not provide funding for the purchase of hybrid vehicles; however, there is a new program that is being developed for emerging technologies (such as hybrids) and it should be up and running sometime next year.

17) Q: Has the Carl Moyer Multidistrict Program been over subscribed in the past?

A: Yes.  Although the program is only four year old, it has become increasingly competitive.  Last year ARB received over 355 applications, representing more than $40,000,000 in grant award requests and there was only $6,996,000 available.

18) Q: Are applicants at a disadvantage if they apply for Carl Moyer funding through their local air district?

A: It depends on where the project is operating and how much time the equipment is operating there.  Most air pollution control districts require all or most of a project's operation to take place within their district boundaries so the benefits accrue locally. Consequently, many worthwhile eligible projects have difficulty getting funded because they operate in more than one air district.

19) Q: How do I know if my equipment operates in an environmental justice area?

A:  Typically air districts maintain and differentiate environmental justice areas by zip code and applicants are encouraged to contact their local air districts to determine if their project falls into this category.

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