How to Apply for a Carl Moyer Grant

This page last reviewed February 15, 2013
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what is the Carl Moyer Program?

The Carl Moyer Program is a voluntary, incentive grant program that reduces air pollution from vehicles and equipment by providing incentive funds to private companies and public agencies to purchase cleaner-than-required engines, equipment, and emission reduction technologies.

What benefits has the Carl Moyer Program provided to California?

Over the past 18 years more than $900 million in program grants have cleaned up over 50,000 engines, reducing oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and reactive organic gases (ROG) by 178,000 tons and toxic diesel particulate matter (PM) by 6,500 tons. Moyer incentive funds have not only removed old, dirty equipment that would have otherwise remained in operation for years to come, but have benefited the economy by increasing consumer demand for newer and cleaner technologies.

How much Carl Moyer Program funding is available?

The Moyer Program provides about $60 million for projects each year statewide, funded through tire fees and smog abatement vehicle registration fees. Funding is distributed annually to air districts to implement the Moyer Program. Please contact your local air district to find out how much money is available.

How Can I Apply for a Carl Moyer Grant?

Grant funding is distributed locally by an air pollution control district or the air quality management district in your area. Not all air districts fund every type of Carl Moyer Program project available. Please contact your local air district for the most updated information on funding availability, project eligibility, applications, and a selection timeline.

Who approves the selection of my project?

Air Districts implement the Moyer program on the ground by soliciting funding applications, selecting projects and entering into contracts to fund new engines, vehicles, and equipment. It is at the discretion of the air district which projects are available for funding. Most air districts have specific periods during the year when Carl Moyer Program funding is available. Please contact your air district to find out when funding will be available.

Who is eligible for Carl Moyer grants?

Any individual, private business, public entities, and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for Carl Moyer Grant funding.

What typical project types are available for Moyer funding?

The Moyer Program funds clean air projects involving a wide variety of vehicles and equipment. The five typical project types include:

Replacement. An older vehicle or piece of equipment that includes an engine with remaining useful life is replaced with a newer, cleaner vehicle or piece of equipment. On-road trucks and buses may be replaced through a fleet modernization contract or through a voucher incentive program (VIP). Off-road equipment may be replaced under contract or through off-road VIP. In all cases, the older vehicles and equipment are scrapped.

Repower. A newer, cleaner engine is installed in place of a higher-polluting engine in an existing vehicle or piece of equipment.

Retrofit. An emission control system is added to an in-use engine, vehicle or piece of equipment.

Vehicle Retirement (car scrap). Light duty scrap programs pay the owners of older, more polluting vehicles that still have remaining useful life to voluntarily retire those vehicles earlier than they would have otherwise.

Infrastructure. Moyer funds provide for the installation of fueling or energy infrastructure to fuel or power covered sources.

What projects categories are eligible for Moyer funding?

What projects are not eligible for Moyer funding

Grant funds are not available for the cost of any fuel, including alternative fuels such as electricity, natural gas, biodiesel or emulsified fuels. Also, Moyer does not provide grants for research and development, certification testing and training.

Is infrastructure eligible for Moyer funding?

Grant funds are available for the purchase of infrastructure that delivers fuel or energy to fuel or power covered sources. Covered sources are on-road vehicles, off-road non-recreational equipment and vehicles, locomotives, marine vessels, and other categories necessary for the State and air districts to meet air quality goals.

Can Carl Moyer Program projects be co-funded?

Yes, the Moyer program allows projects to be co-funded with other funding sources. Co-funded projects must adhere to the Carl Moyer Program criteria requirements. If there are other funding sources that may assist you with your project, please disclose the additional funding sources to your local air district during the application phase.

Do I have to pay the Moyer grant money back?

No, this is not a loan program. These grant funds are allocated specifically to pay for public or private projects that reduce emissions and clean up the air in your designated region.

Do I have to put up a matching amount?

Yes. As an incentive program, grants will not cover the full cost to implement the project. Applicant costs need to cover a certain percentage of the cost of the grant-funded equipment. Your local air district will help determine the size of your grant and what percentage you will need to cover for a portion of the project.

Do I pay income tax on a Moyer grant award?

Typically, your local air District will issue an IRS form 1099 to grant recipients as required by law. It is the grant recipient's responsibility to determine their tax liability associated with their participation in the grant program.

Is other financial assistance available?

Depending on the type of equipment you have, other types of assistance may be available. Please consult your local air district and see the related resource information for financial opportunities, including loan information, on CARB's Truck Stop website at: