AB 923 - New Funding for the Expanded Carl Moyer Program

This page updated July 7, 2005.

Changes to state law have expanded the Carl Moyer incentive program to include agricultural sources of air pollution as well as cars and light-duty trucks. AB 923 also expands the program to include hydrocarbon and particulate matter pollution. Finally, AB 923 provides additional funding for the Moyer Program from an adjustment to the tire fee, and authorizes local air districts to increase motor vehicle registration fees by up to $2 for programs to reduce air pollution. Combined with continuing funding that was provided in the fiscal year 2004-2005 budget (SB 1107), up to $140 million a year of incentive funding is available to help clean up California's air.

What does AB 923 do?
  • Expands the Carl Moyer Program to:

    • Include additional agricultural sources - ARB's other agricultural activities.

    • Include light and medium-duty vehicle projects

    • Include projects that reduce only particulate matter or only reactive organic gases (previously all projects had to reduce nitrogen oxides).

    • Include a new formula for distribution of funds to local air districts

    • Require ARB to establish or update grant criteria and guidelines by no later than January 1, 2006.       

  • Allows air districts, upon a vote of the local district board, to increase motor vehicle registration fees by $2 to implement the following programs:

    • Carl Moyer Program Projects.

    • The new purchase, retrofit, repower or add-on equipment for previously unregulated agricultural sources for a minimum of three years from the date of adoption or until the compliance date, whichever is later.   

    • New purchases pursuant to the Clean School Bus Program adopted by the board                     

    • Light-duty scrap or repair programs adopted by the state board

  • Adjusts the tire fee, with a portion of the tire fee to be spent on programs to mitigate air pollution.       

  • All changes sunset in 2015 and the statute reverts back to the current language unless the Legislature takes future action.

How is the ARB implementing AB 923?
Although AB 923 takes effect on January 1, 2005, it will take ARB staff time to work with local air districts, stakeholder groups, and the public to develop draft guidelines that describe what types of new projects will be eligible for funding. At this time, ARB staff plan to present draft guidelines to the Air Resources Board in Novemberl 2005 in order to meet the January 1, 2006 deadline set in AB 923.
Technical Advisories: To ensure that newly allowable Moyer projects can be funded over the next year as we develop the draft guidelines, ARB staff has released technical advisories to clarify how local air districts should consider newly allowable Moyer projects during this interim period. 
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When will the new funds be available?
On January 1, 2005, almost $30 million will be available to local air districts to begin implementing AB 923.

How do I apply for a Carl Moyer grant?
Carl Moyer Program grants are issued locally by air pollution control districts in California. Contact your local district contact for Carl Moyer Program information in your area. If you do not know in which district your proposed project is located, or require additional information, call ARB toll free at 800-242-4450 (regular business hours) or 800-END-SMOG (after hours).

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