Mailout # MSO 2001-07

DATE: May 17, 2001

TO: All Passenger Car Manufacturers
  All Light-Duty Truck Manufacturers
  All Medium-Duty Truck Manufacturers
  All Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Manufacturers
  All Motorcycle Manufacturers
  All Licensed Vehicle Emission Test Laboratories

SUBJECT: Compliance With California Clean Air Act
Annual Certification Fee for Fiscal Year (FY) 2001-2002
Based on Calendar Year (CY) 2000 Production

Annual fees for the certification of on-road motor vehicles and engines produced for sale in California are authorized under Health and Safety Code Section 43019 and are required under Title 13, California Code of Regulations, (13 CCR) Sections 1990-1994. As a part of 13 CCR requirements, manufacturers whose production numbers are not reported in quarterly assembly-line reports are required to submit a summary of their previous year's production of California-certified vehicles and engines by May 1, for use in the calculation of annual certification fees [13 CCR, Section 1993 (f)(2)].

This mail out provides a listing of the production information the Air Resources Board (ARB) currently has on record for each affected manufacturer and emission test laboratory for CY 2000. As required by the regulations, the ARB calculates a per-vehicle or per-engine certification fee for each FY which is assessed equally on all certified on-road vehicles and engines produced for sale in California during the previous CY.

The categories of on-road engines and vehicles that are subject to certification fees for this FY are listed below. A production table for each of the four categories is included in the attachments.

Table 1: passenger cars, light-duty trucks, medium-duty
vehicles, and federally-certified AB 965 vehicles.
Table 2: heavy-duty on-road vehicles or engines.
Table 3: on-road motorcycles.
Table 4: used direct import modifier-certified vehicles.

The total fee assessed for an individual manufacturer or laboratory for FY 2001-2002 will be based on the production numbers listed in the attached tables unless the ARB is notified that corrections are needed. Manufacturers may adjust production numbers reported quarterly to account for those vehicles or engines that were actually sold outside California. Changes to any of the totals listed in the attachments must be provided in writing and include the corrected production numbers identified by engine family, vehicle class and model year.

All manufacturer corrections to the CY production listed in the attached tables must be sent to: Rod Summerfield, Chief, Mobile Source Operations Division, Air Resources Board, 9528 Telstar Ave., El Monte, CA 91731. The corrections must be received by June 30, 2001. No additional changes CY 2000 production numbers will be allowed after this date because of the administrative burden created when changes are made after the billing process has been completed. A number of motorcycle, heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturers did not submit their final CY 2000 production as required. Unless final production information is received from these manufacturers by June 30, 2001, the CY 2000 estimated sales numbers shown in the tables will be used for calculation of their certification fee assessments.

The FY 2001-2002 fee assessment notices will be mailed to each manufacturer and laboratory after July 1, 2001 for payment within 30 days after receipt of the notice, unless arrangements are made with the ARB Administrative Services Division for quarterly payments.

If you have questions about this mail-out you may contact Dante Ochoa by phone at (626) 575-6964 or e-mail at, or Veronica Longhi at (626) 575-6642 or e-mail at



R. B. Summerfield, Chief
Mobile Source Operations Division


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