August 1, 1998
Mail-Out #MSC 98-16



The California Air Resources Board is currently revising its mailing list for parties with interests concerning mobile sources issues through the Mobile Source Control Division and the Mobile Source Operations Division. Staff will be using the new lists for all future correspondence. ALL PREVIOUS LISTS WILL BE DESTROYED BY DECEMBER 1, 1998.

If you or your company would like to be added to any of our mobile sources mailing lists, please complete and return the allowing form by December 1, 1998. Please circle the MSD numbered categories of interest on the form enclosed that you would like to be placed on and provide us with the proper contact person or company along with their address and phone numbers. Please return this with the information requested to Angela Iniguez by either mailing to the address listed above, by faxing to (626) 575-6686, or by e-mailing to

Because the computer deletes all duplicate addresses, it is important that you designate only one person at each facility to manage our mailings. Should you or your company receive this letter in duplicate, please return only one MSD listing with the correct information requested. Please also note that if you no longer wish to receive our mailings or you do not return this information, you will be completely deleted from the mailing lists.

The following is a brief description of the new categories and their associated description. These categories are only a brief listing of the equipment or vehicles that may be contained in future mailouts. Because of this, and because parties may have interests in a number of categories, it is suggested that you check ALL boxes that pertain to you or your company. Please feel free to distribute this form as you see fit. Additional forms are available upon request.

Should you or your company wish to receive ALL correspondence that are distributed to the public, please circle MSD-G/01 - Associations & Miscellaneous. If this is the list you wish to be placed on you will NOT need to circle any other category, for this mailing list receives all correspondence distributed to the public by the Mobile Sources Divisions.

Thank you for your timely response in advance. If you have any questions concerning this request please, contact Ms. Angela Iniguez at (626) 575-6632.


Michael Carter, Chief
Emission Research &
Off-Road Controls Branch