2020 Mobile Source Mailouts

This page last reviewed July 14, 2020.

Below is a list of the 2020 mailouts for the Mobile Source Control Division and Emissions Certification and Compliance Division. For information regarding mailouts that are not available on-line, please contact Karen Woo. Although these documents may reside in various locations of the website, the goal is to ensure that all mailouts reside in this area in chronological order.

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Mobile Source Control Division Mailouts
Emissions Certification and Compliance Division Mailouts

Mobile Source Control Division:

Mailout # Subject
ML/MSC 2020-01 Reminder To Comply With Certification And Labeling Regulatory Requirements For Evaporative Emission Control Systems Before Any SORE Or LSI Engine Or Their Components Are Manufacturered For Sale Or Lease For Use Or Operation In California, Sold Or Leased Or Offered For Sale Or Lease For Use Or Operation In California, Or Delivered Or Imported For Introduction Into Commerce In California (PDF 217KB)

Emissions Certification and Compliance Division:

Mailout # Subject
ECC 2020-03 Public Workshop to Discuss Methods of Heavy-Duty Diesel and Off-Road Diesel Engine Deterioration Factor Validation for CARB and US EPA Approval(PDF 733KB)

ECC 2020-02 Potential Delays In Manufacturer Submission Of Required Data And Reports (PDF 195KB)

ECC 2020-01 Public Workshop to Discuss Proposed Amendments to the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Regulations (PDF 518KB)

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