2003 Mobile Source Mailouts

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Below is a list of the 2003 mailouts for the Mobile Source Control Division and Mobile Source Operations Division. For information regarding mailouts that are not available on-line, please contact Karen Woo. Although these documents may reside in various locations of the website, the goal is to ensure that all mailouts reside in this area in chronological order.
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Mobile Source Control
Division Mailouts

Mobile Source Operations
Division Mailouts

Mobile Source Control Division:

Mailout #


MSC 03-12

Amendment to the Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies Inventory Survey (PDF - 251K) - Attachment (PDF - 26K)

MSC 03-11

Public Workshop Regarding Proposed Modifications to the Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies (PDF - 576K)

MSC 03-10

Public Workshop Regarding a Proposed New Diesel Particulate Matter Control Measure for On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Publicly-Owned and Operated Vehicles (PDF - 197K) - Attachment (PDF - 116K)

MSC 03-09

Revised Notice - Public Workshop Regarding Proposed Heavy-Duty On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Regulations (PDF - 243K)

MSC 03-08

Request for Comments on Proposed Amendments to the Diesel Emission Control Strategy Verification Procedures (PDF - 88K) - Attachment (PDF - 99K)

MSC 03-07

Public Workshop Regarding Proposed Heavy-Duty On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Regulations (PDF - 372K) - Attachment (PDF - 43K)

MSC 03-06

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Software Upgrade Outreach Brochure for Truck Owner / Operator: Letter (PDF - 85K) Attachment (PDF - 53K)


MSC 03-05

Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text: Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the Public Transit Bus Fleet Rule and Emisison Standards for New Urban Buses (PDF - 102K)

Attachment II - Regulatory Amendments Text of the 15-Day Modifications (PDF - 129K)

MSC 03-04

To All Interested Parties: Public Workshop Regarding Proposed Diesel Particulate Matter Control Measure for On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Publicly Owned and Operated Fleets, including Non-Urban Transit Buses (MSW97 - 52K) or (PDF - 22K)

Attachment A - Draft Proposed Regulations (MSW97 - 61K) or (PDF - 36K)

MSC 03-03

Letter to interested parties regarding changes to the Fleet Zero Emission Vehicle Incentive Program (PDF - 73K)

MSC 03-02

Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text: Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of the Verification Procedures, Warranty, and In-Use Compliance Requirements for In-Use Strategies to Control Emissions from Diesel Engines; February 13, 2003 Deadline for Public Comment (MSW97 - 89K) or (PDF - 55K)

Attachment I - Resolution 02-23 (MSW97 - 31K) or (PDF - 14K)

Attachment 2 - Proposed 15-Day Modifications to the Regulation Order Sections 2700 through 2710, Title 13, California Code of Regulations (MSW97 - 308K) or (PDF - 155K)

Attachment 3 - References (MSW97 - 19K) or (PDF - 7K)

MSC 03-01

Second Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text: Public Hearing to Consider Technical Status and Proposed Revisions to Malfunction and Diagnostic System Requirements and Associated Enforcement Provisions for 2004 and Subsequent Model Year Passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, and Medium-Duty Vehicles and Engines (OBD II); February 3, 2003 Second Deadline for Public Comment (MSW97 - 31K) or (PDF - 12K)

Attachment I - Proposed Second 15-Day Modifications to Sections 1968.2 and 1968.5, Title 13, California Code of Regulations (HTML) or (MSW97 - 143K) or (PDF - 59K)

Mobile Source Operations Division:

Mailout #


MSO 03-06

Notice of Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to Regulations for the Availability of California Motor Vehicle Service Information (HTML) or (MSW97 - 53K) or (PDF - 23K)

MSO 03-05

2003 Application Catalog for Catalytic Converters Offered for Sale in California (Word97 - 41K) or (PDF - 64K)

MSO 03-04

Certification Guidelines for 2001 Model-Year (MY) and Later Outboard / Personal Watercraft and 2003 MY and Later Inboard / Sterndrive Spark-Ignition Marine Engines (Word97 - 261K) or (PDF - 372K) (Added August 26, 2003)

MSO 03-03

Proposed Amendments to the California Motor Vehicle Service Information Rulemaking (Word97 - 308K) or (PDF - 182K) (Updated July 11, 2003)

CORRECTION to MSO #2003-03: All references to the regulatory adoption date of "July 29, 2003" have been amended to "July 29, 2002."

MSO 03-02

Manufacturers' Calendar Year 2002 (CY2002) - California Production Numbers for Assessing Annual Certification Fee for Fiscal Year 2003 - 2004 (FY03 / 04) (PDF - 638K) (Added May 16, 2003)

MSO 03-01

Descriptive List of California Air Resources Board's (ARB's) Motor Vehicle Related Mail Outs and Manufacturer's Advisory Correspondence (MAC's) (Word97 - 38K) or (PDF - 79K) (Added January 24, 2003)

Descriptive List (Word97 - 152K) or (PDF - 381K)

Also, see our descriptive list of Motor Vehicle Related Mailouts and Manufacturers' Advisory Correspondence (MACs) from 1996 and older.