2002 Mobile Source Mailouts

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Below is a list of the 2002 mailouts for the Mobile Source Control Division and Mobile Source Operations Division. For information regarding mailouts that are not available on-line, please contact Karen Woo. Although these documents may reside in various locations of the website, the goal is to ensure that all mailouts reside in this area in chronological order.
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Mobile Source Control Division Mailouts

Mobile Source Operations Division Mailouts

Mobile Source Control Division:

Mailout #


MSC 02-12

Public Workshop Notice Regarding Proposed Diesel Particulate Matter Control Measure for On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Residential and Commercial Solid Waste Collection Vehicles (PDF - 421K) and the Attached Request Form for Regulation Draft Copy (PDF - 68K)

MSC 02-11

Notice of Availability of Modified Text and Availability of Additional Documents and Information November 1, 2002, Deadline for Public Comment (HTML) or (MSW97 - 33) or (PDF - 14)
  • Attachment I - Resolution 02-17 (MSW97 - 50K) or (PDF - 24K)

    • Attachment A - [Staff Report and Proposed Regulations] (See Link Below)

    • Attachment B - Staff's Suggested Modifications [at the Board Hearing] to the Proposed Regulations (365 pages) (MSW97 - 525K) or (PDF - 281K)

  • Attachment II - Modified Text of Proposed Section 1968.2, Title 13, California Code of Regulations (80 pages) (MSW97 - 543K) or (PDF - 218K)       

  • Attachment III - Modified Text of Proposed Section 1968.5, Title 13, California Code of Regulations (27 pages) (MSW97 - 166K) or (PDF - 84K)        

  • Attachment IV - Rationale of Modifications to Proposed Sections 1968.2 and 1968.5, Title 13, California Code of Regulations (16 pages) (MSW97 - 104K) or (PDF - 48K)

MSC 02-10

Informational Meeting in Oakland on September 26, 2002 to Discuss a New Funding Opportunity for the Purchase or Lease of New EVs (PDF - 20K)

MSC 02-09

Informational Meeting in San Diego on September 11, 2002 to Discuss a New Funding Opportunity for the Purchase or Lease of New EVs (PDF - 20K)

MSC 02-08

Transit Bus Fleet Rule Workshop (Word97 - 46K) or (PDF - 20K)

MSC 02-07

Modified Notice Of Public Workshop Regarding Heavy-Duty Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (HEV) Test Procedures (PDF - 23K) (Added April 8, 2002)

MSC 02-06

Notice Of Public Workshop Regarding Heavy-Duty Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (HEV) Test Procedures (PDF - 19K)
  • Attachment - Proposed Test Procedures for Heavy-Duty Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PDF - 26K)  

MSC 02-05

Public workshop to discuss (1) ZEV program credit tracking process and (2) multi-agency activities in support of carsharing / station car program. (Word97 - 55K) or (PDF - 25K)

MSC 02-04

Proposed Modifications to the Diesel Retrofit Verification Procedure for Particulate Matter (PM) and Oxides of Nitrogen Control (Word97 - 59K) or (PDF - 28K) 

MSC 02-03

Public Workshop Regarding Proposed Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Diesel Particulate Matter from On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Residential and Commercial Solid Waste Collection Vehicles (Word97 - 55K) or (PDF - 25K)

MSC 02-02

Public Workshop Regarding the Diesel Emission Control Strategy Verification Procedure for On-Road, Off-Road, and Stationary Diesel-Fueled Vehicles and Equipment (Word97 - 113K) or (PDF - 43K)
  • Attachment 1 - Proposed Regulation Order Verification Procedure for In-Use Strategies to Control Emissions from Diesel Engines (Word97 - 130K) or (PDF - 68K)

MSC 02-01

Notice of Public Availability of Proposed Modified Text - Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of Emission Standards and Test Procedures for New 2003 and Later Spark-Ignition Inboard and Sterndrive Marine Engines (Word97 - 182K) or (PDF - 25K)       

Mobile Source Operations Division:

Mailout #


MSO 02-06

Waiver of Vehicle Emission Configuration (VEC) Bar Code Label Requirement for 2003 Model Year (MY) and Newer Vehicles and Engines (Word97 - 62K) or (PDF - 102K) (added June 28, 2002)

MSO 02-05

Public Workshop Regarding Proposed Pilot Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Remote Sensing Device (RSD) as a Supplemental Tool to Enhance California's Inspection and Maintenance Program (Word97 - 51K) or (PDF - 82K) (added May 31, 2002)

MSO 02-04

Manufacturers' Calendar Year (CY) 2001 California Production Numbers for Assessing Annual Certification Fee for Fiscal Year 2002-2003 (FY 02/03) (Word97 - 47K) or (PDF - 76K) (added May 15, 2002)

MSO 02-03

Public Meeting to Provide Guidance to Manufacturers Regarding Certification Regulations for 2003 and Later Model Year Inboard and Sterndrive Spark-Ignition (SI) Marine Engines (Word97 - 104K) or (PDF - 114K) (added March 6, 2002)

MSO 02-02

Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text (15-Day Notice) for the Consideration of Regulations for the Availability of California Motor Vehicle Service Information (Word97 - 161k) or (PDF -76k) (added March 22, 2002)

MSO 02-01

Descriptive List of California Air Resources Board's (ARB) Motor Vehicle Related Mailouts and Manufacturer's Advisory Correspondence (MAC) (Word97 - 38K) or (PDF - 78K) (added January 25, 2002)

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