2001 Mobile Source Mailouts

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Below is a list of the 2001 mailouts for the Mobile Source Control Division and Mobile Source Operations Division. For information regarding mailouts that are not available on-line, please contact Karen Woo. Although these documents may reside in various locations of the website, the goal is to ensure that all mailouts reside in this area in chronological order.
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Mobile Source Control Division Mailouts

Mobile Source Operations Division Mailouts

Mobile Source Control Division:

Mailout #


MSC 01-19

Public workshop to discuss a new Statewide Zero-Emission Vehicle Incentive Program for fleets operating in areas of the State with the worst air quality.(PDF - 81K) (added January 03, 2002)

MSC 01-18

Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text - Public hearing to consider the adoption of amendments to the low-emission vehicle regulations, including particulate standards for gasoline vehicles, more stringent emission standards for fuel-fired heaters, and administrative revisions. (Word97 - 15K) or (PDF - 13K) (added January 03, 2002)

MSC 01-17

Letter to Manufacturers: Request for information on the development of emission control technologies capable of meeting Tier 2 and Tier 3 off-road compression-ignition emissions standards and beyond. (Word97 - 55K) or (PDF - 87K) (added November 29, 2001)
  Note: The comment period has been extended to January 21, 2002.

MSC 01-16

Public Workshop to Discuss a Draft Proposal for Expansion of the Statewide Zero-Emission Vehicle Incentive Program (Word97 - 361K) or (PDF - 31K) (added December 3, 2001)

MSC 01-15

Availability of Public Hearing Notice, Staff Report, and Attachments for the Consideration of Amendments to Adopt Reduced Emission Standards for 2007 and Subsequent Model Year Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines and Vehicles (Word97 - 181K) or (PDF - 26K)
(added September 7, 2001)

MSC 01-14

Public Workshop Regarding the Retrofit Verification Procedure for On-Road, Off-Road, and Stationary Diesel-Fueled Vehicles and Equipment (Word97 - 180K) or (PDF - 30K) (added August 2, 2001)

MSC 01-13

Public Workshop Regarding New In-Use Performance Standards for On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Residential and Commercial Solid Waste Collection Vehicles (Word97 - 176K) or (PDF - 23K) (added August 2, 2001)

MSC 01-12

Memo to All Interested Parties Regarding Proposed Modifications to the Diesel Retrofit Verification Procedure for Particulate Matter and NOx Control (Word97 - 49K) or (PDF - 24K) (added August 1, 2001)

MSC 01-11

Memo to California Transit Associations and Transit Agencies Regarding Transit Bus Fleet Rule Implementation Update (Word97 - 55K) or (PDF - 24K) (added June 20, 2001)

MSC 01-10

Workshop Notice: Invitation to the public and industry to discuss proposed changes to the regulation. This notice indicates the date, time, location, and a summary of the issues to be covered during the workshop. (Word97 - 50K) or (PDF - 20K)
  • Preliminary Draft Staff Report - Descriptions of the Proposed Amendments to the Regulation (Word97 - 528K) or (PDF - 209K)

  • Draft OBD II Regulation (Attachment A) - Draft Regulatory Language Incorporating the Proposed Amendments (Word97 - 454K) or (PDF - 242K)            

MSC 01-09

Proposed California Regulations for New 2003 and Later Spark-Ignition Inboard and Sterndrive Marine Engines (Word97 - 101K) or (PDF - 19K)

MSC 01-08

Memo Regarding Consideration of Amendments to Adopt Reduced Emission Standards for 2007 and Subsequent Model Year Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines and Vehicles (Word97 - 147K) or (PDF - 152K)

MSC 01-07

Notice for Public Workshop on June 26 and June 28 Regarding New Emission Standards for In-Use Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Refuse Removal Vehicles (Word97 - 49K) or (PDF - 35K)

MSC 01-06

Public Workshop on May 10, 2001 Regarding the Retrofit Verification Procedure for On-Road, Off-Road, and Stationary Diesel-Fueled Vehicles and Equipment (Word97- 47K) or (PDF - 13K)

MSC 01-05

Notice of a Public Workshop on April 26, 2001 to Discuss the Transit Bus Rule (Word97 - 45K) or (PDF - 17K)

MSC 01-04

Letter Re: Availability of Second Notice of Modified Text for the ARB's Public Transit Bus Fleet Rule and Emission Standards for New Urban Buses (Word97 - 46K) or (PDF - 18K)

MSC 01-03

Notice of a public workshop to discuss recommendations to Zero-Emission Vehicle Regulations for Electric Vehicle Charging Standards and other items. (PDF - 25K)

MSC 01-02

Notice of a Public Workshop on February 26, 2001, to discuss the development and implementation of outreach and public information plan for Zero-Emission Vehicles. (Word97 - 49K) or (PDF - 20K)

MSC 01-01

Letter to All California Public Transit Agencies with Information for Transit Agencies for Complying with ARB's Urban Transit Bus Regulation (Word97 - 60K) or (PDF - 64K)

Mobile Source Operations Division:

Mailout #


MSO 01-11

Availability of Public Hearing Notice, Staff Report, and Attachments for the Consideration of Regulations for the Availability of California Motor Vehicle Service Information (Word97 - 42K) or (PDF - 81K) (added October 26, 2001)

MSO 01-10

Certification Guidelines for 2001 and Later Model Year (MY) Off-Road Motorcycles (OFMCs) and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) (Word97 - 350K) or (PDF - 562K) (added August 21, 2001)

MSO 01-09

Proposed Regulations for the California Motor Vehicle Service Information Rulemaking (Revised) (Word97 - 389K) or (PDF - 149K) (added July 20, 2001)

MSO 01-08

Certification Guidelines for 2001 and Later Model Year (MY) On-Highway Motorcycles (ONMCs) (Word97 - 416K) or (PDF - 366K) (added July 11, 2001)

MSO 01-07

Compliance With California Clean Air Act Annual Certification Fee for Fiscal Year (FY) 2001-2002 Based on Calendar Year (CY) 2000 Production (added May 31, 2001) 

MSO 01-06

Reorganization of New Vehicle/Engine Certification and Quality Audit Activities (Word97 - 51K) or (PDF - 17K) (added May 14, 2001)

MSO 01-05

Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP) (Word97 - 60K) or (PDF - 72K) (added September 27, 2001)

MSO 01-04

Proposed Regulations for The California Motor Vehicle Service Information Rulemaking (Word97 - 196K) or (PDF - 191K) (added March 15, 2001)

MSO 01-03

Format for Electronic and Hard-Copy Submittal of Quarterly Off-Road Large Spark-Ignition Engine (LSI) Manufacturer Production Line Testing Reports (Word97 - 66K) or (PDF - 40K)

MSO 01-02

Annual Summary of In-Use Compliance Testing and Recall Activity

MSO 01-01

Descriptive List of California Air Resources Board's (ARB) Motor Vehicle Related Mailouts and Manufacturer's Advisory Correspondence (MAC) (Word97 - 58K) or (PDF - 15K)

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