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This page last reviewed July 14, 2020.

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Sign up to the Mobile Source Mailouts and Manufacturers Advisory Correspondence (MAC) list server. By doing this, you will be notified when a new Mobile Source Mailout or MAC has been posted to the Mobile Source Mailouts or MAC web pages. These e-mail notices can replace any of the mobile source hard copy mailing lists you may already be on.
The Mobile Source Control Division (MSCD) and Emissions Certification and Compliance Division (ECCD) (and previously the Mobile Source Operations Division (MSOD) and Emissions Compliance, Automotive Regulations and Science Division) issue sequentially-numbered mailouts on a variety of subjects. Mailouts include such things as meeting notices, meeting summaries, surveys and survey results, subgroup meetings, teleconference agendas, staff reports, and 45-day notices, to name a few.
Please also view our Manufacturers Advisory Correspondence (MACs), along with a descriptive listing of Mailouts and MACs for 1996 and older.
For information regarding mailouts that are not available online, please contact Karen Woo.
Although these documents may reside in various locations of the website, the goal is to ensure that all mailouts reside in this area in chronological order.

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