Leaf Blower Report

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ARB submitted a report to the State Legislature summarizing the potential health and environmental impacts of leaf blowers on leaf blower operators and the general public. The State Legislature passed a resolution, SCR 19 (Burton), chaptered May 21, 1999, which requested that ARB provide them with this report on or before January 1, 2000. The Legislature asked ARB to review the impacts from exhaust emissions, noise, and blown dust using existing studies.


The Final Leaf Blower Report has been transmitted to the California Legislature as of May 8, 2000. (added May 15, 2000).
Final Leaf Blower Report (PDF - 423K) The Final Leaf Blower Report which has been prepared and submitted to the Governor for approval before being transmitted to the Legislature, is now available.

Several Changes were made throughout the report in response to comments. Of the Appendices, the amended Appendix H can be found below.

Resolution 00-5 (PDF - 6K)
Addendum to Appendix H (PDF - 24K) Revised Appendix H
The Second Draft Leaf Blower Report (MSC #99-37)
The Draft Executive Summary Click here to download your copy (PDF - 31K).
The Draft Leaf Blower Report
The Final Report is now available above.
Click here to download your copy (PDF - 209K).


Notice of Postponement The December 9, 1999 public meeting to consider the approval of the Leaf Blower Report was postponed. It was rescheduled for January 27, 2000.
December 9, 1999 Public Meeting -
This has been postponed. The report will now be presented to the Air Resources Board on January 27, 2000
Notice of Public Meeting to Consider Approval of the Leaf Blower Report
September 28, 1999 Public Workshop Notice Second public workshop to discuss the Leaf Blower Report.

The purpose of this public meeting was to discuss the draft report. Written comments on this draft were due no later than Friday, October 8, 1999. The final draft was mailed in early November and was considered by the Board at the December 9 Board hearing.
July 29, 1999 Public Workshop Notice First public workshop to discuss the Leaf Blower Report.

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