Clean Cars 4 All

The goal of the Clean Cars 4 All program (formerly known as the Enhanced Fleet Modernization Plus-Up Program – EFMP+) is to get lower-income consumers into cleaner technology vehicles or use alternative mobility options, such as transit passes, to help reduce smog-forming pollutants.

Incentive amounts are based on your household income level, where you reside, and the replacement vehicle you choose. The highest incentive amount under this program is for participants with the lowest income, living in a disadvantaged community, and that choose the cleanest vehicle technology, such as battery electric vehicle (BEV).

Participating Air Districts
  • In the South Coast (which includes the Los Angeles Area), the program is known as Replace Your Ride
  • In the San Joaquin Valley, the program is implemented through Tune In and Tune Up
  • In the Bay Area, the program is implemented through Clean Cars 4 All
  • In the Sacramento area - Program coming soon

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