Funding for Individuals & Families

The following programs are available to consumers interested in exploring clean transportation technology and clean vehicle purchasing. Many of these opportunities offer benefits to lower-income consumers that live in disadvantaged communities. Clean transportation also provides many health and environmental related benefits.

Clean Vehicle Ownership Incentives

Clean Cars 4 All
Get up to $9,500 to scrap your older, more polluting vehicle with a cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicle for California residents living in participating air districts. Vehicle purchase incentives and free charger & installation opportunities available!

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project  (CVRP)
Get up to $7,000 to purchase or lease a new plug-in hybrid, battery electric, or fuel cell electric vehicle. CVRP is available to income-eligible California residents. Increased rebates for low-income applicants available!

Finance Assistance for Low-Income Consumers
Clean Vehicle Assistance helps California lower-income consumers access loans to purchase or lease cleaner vehicles, including plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, at a reduced price. Up to $5,000 down payment assistance, special financing, and free vehicle charger & installation opportunities available!

Clean Mobility Equity Opportunities

Clean Mobility Options
Clean mobility options improve clean transportation access and increase zero-emission, and near zero-emission mobility choices for residents of disadvantaged and low-income communities statewide. Projects range from bike share to car share services and provide residents the ability to run errands, get to appointments, and take local trips. Visit Current Projects in Action for information on pilot projects supported by CARB.