Funding for Individuals & Families

The following programs are available to consumers interested in exploring clean transportation technology. Many of these opportunities offer benefits to lower-income consumers that live in disadvantaged communities. Clean transportation also provides many health and environmental related benefits.

Clean Transportation Financial Incentives

Clean Cars 4 All
Get up to $9,500 to scrap your older, more polluting vehicle with a cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicle for residents that live in participating air districts.

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project  (CVRP)
Get up to $7,000 to purchase or lease a new plug-in hybrid, battery electric or fuel cell vehicle. CVRP is available to income-eligible California residents.

Financing Assistance for Bay Area Residents
Financing assistance helps lower-income consumers’ access loans to buy or lease a new or used cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicle at a reduced price. The Bay Area program also provides vehicle price buy-down opportunities.

Clean Transportation Services

Car Sharing & Mobility Options
These services provide easy access for local and short term trips using cleaner, fuel-efficient vehicles. Currently, programs are being developed in neighborhoods in the Sacramento and Los Angeles Area.