Car Sharing & Clean Mobility Options Incentive Programs in Disadvantaged Communities

Programs in this category are intended to help launch car sharing services that use clean transportation options, including plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or battery electric vehicles (BEV), and serve only disadvantaged communities. Often these programs help facilitate transit access in the cases where the final destination of an individual or family who uses public transportation is located too far away from the endpoint of the transit route – people can drive station cars to complete the final leg of their trip.

How Car Sharing Works
Car sharing services allow individuals to use cars on a short-term (hourly or daily), as-needed basis, paying only for the time they use the car and the mileage they drive. The operators of the service provide vehicle maintenance, repair, and insurance. Car sharing allows individuals to gain the benefits of using a private car without the costs and responsibilities of owning a car. After reserving a vehicle, program members can pick-up and return a car at designated locations. When the person is done using the car, they return it to its home parking space, lock it, and leave it for the next car sharer.

The Benefits of Car Sharing

  • Car sharing saves money – owning a private vehicle, while convenient, has many attached costs (monthly payments, gasoline, oil changes and maintenance, parking, and insurance)
  • Alternative transportation modes are often considered, resulting in increased use of public transit, biking, and walking
  • Energy savings and air quality benefits

Regional Projects Serving Disadvantaged Communities

Our Community CarShare Sacramento

  • Our Community CarShare is a free, membership transportation service located in communities throughout the City of Sacramento.
  • Residents can reserve clean zero emission vehicles to run errands, get to appointments, and take local trips.
  • Two zero-emission vehicles are available to residents at each carshare community and there are two additional vehicles located at the Sacramento Valley Train Station.
  • CarShare is designed for you – fully charged and ready to go!

BlueLA Carsharing

  • BlueLA is a revolutionary 100% electric vehicle car sharing service in LA as part of the City of Los Angeles’ mobility strategy.
  • The BlueLA service is available to anyone over 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license.
  • Members have access to a network of shared electric vehicles 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, at self-service locations in their neighborhood.
  • BlueLA is point to point, which means there’s no need to return the car to your starting point.

Lift Line Paratransit Dial-a-Ride Electric Vehicle Transportation Program

  • Community Bridges operates the program and will replace two existing gas-powered shuttles with two 16-seat electric vehicle (EV) shuttles equipped with wheelchair lifts.
  • These EVs will be recharged by two Level 2 charging stations installed at the Lift Line fleet facility in Watsonville and accessible to the public.
  • Lift Line is the first public transportation entity to utilize electric vehicles across Santa Cruz County.

The Agricultural Worker Vanpool Pilot Project

  • The Agricultural Worker Vanpool Pilot Project provides farmworkers with clean transportation to agricultural job sites.
  • CARB awarded a $6 million grant to the California Vanpool Authority (CalVans) to implement the project over the next two years.
  • CalVans will deploy 154 new 15-passenger hybrid vans that provide clean transportation to agricultural job sites in the San Joaquin Valley and other low-income agricultural areas of California.
  • This project expands CalVans San Joaquin Valley fleet by 60 percent (or 77 vans), for a total of 188 vans serving agricultural workers in eight counties.
  • Plans call for the remaining 77 hybrid vans funded under the grant to serve other low‑income and disadvantaged agricultural areas in the state, such as the Coachella Valley and Salinas Valley.

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