Reference No. W-99-101

Dear California Motorist:

The State Air Resources Board (ARB) is studying the emission performance of different classes of consumer-owned vehicles. We have contracted with California Environmental Engineering (CEE) to perform this testing for us. This letter is to confirm their legitimacy as a state contractor for this project. Your vehicle was randomly selected, and I encourage you to participate. However be advised that, even though you return the enclosed reply card, only a limited number of vehicles will be selected for the test project.

If your vehicle is selected, the emissions testing will take place at the CEE facilities in Santa Ana, California. This testing will in no way invalidate your vehicle's emissions warranty that is required by law. All testing will be under the professional guidance of the ARB's engineering personnel and representatives of the manufacturer of your particular vehicle.

All of us in California will benefit from the results of these tests by reducing air pollution and improving the performance and durability of vehicles sold in California. You may be assured that the ARB is only interested in testing your vehicle. No enforcement action will be taken against you if your vehicle fails to meet the emissions standards. For more information please check our web site at /msprog/inusecom/inusecom.htm

If you have any questions, you may call the ARB's In-Use Compliance Section at (626) 575-6725 or the Program Assistance Office, toll free, at 1-800-242-4450. Thank you for your consideration in participating in this vital program.



R. B. Summerfield, Chief
Mobile Source Operations Division

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California Environmental Protection Agency

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