Procedure to Obtain / Modify a DMS User Id Account 

This page last reviewed July 15, 2019,

DMS Accounts for New Manufacturer / Consultant 

To obtain a DMS account, the manufacturer or consultant shall mail hard copies of the following documents.  DO NOT EMAIL THEM.

  1. A letter from the manufacturer stating its intent to obtain certification.  Please address the “Letter of Intent” to:

    Mr. Allen Lyons, Chief 
    Emissions Certification and Compliance Division new
    California Air Resources Board
    9480 Telstar Avenue, Suite 4
    El Monte, California 91731

  2. An electronic signature letter following the guidelines established in MAC 07-01, is available.  The manufacturer shall indicate the category or categories that each person is authorized to sign.
  3. A completed Excel contact sheet.  If a consultant submits the Excel contact sheet in lieu of the manufacturer, they must provide a manufacturer contact in addition to their own.

    After processing these documents ARB staff will contact the manufacturer.  The manufacturer will receive an ARB MFR code and a DMS account by e-mail.

    DMS Account(s) Modifications for New and Existing Manufacturers

    It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to update all contact information and notify ARB of changes, such as when a representative is no longer authorized to access the DMS.  To report these, please submit an updated Excel contact sheet in electronic format to your certification engineer. Manufacturer has to resubmit the signature letter if their digital signature is different on the DMS documents.