Certifications Document Management System - How to Use ARB DMS

This page last reviewed February 12, 2018

 The ARB DMS address is: https://ssl.arb.ca.gov/edms

How to Use ARB DMS?

To access ARB DMS you must be an authorized motor vehicle or engine manufacturer. If you do not have an account and are interested in applying to ARB for a vehicle or an engine emission certification, please contact us.

Computer Requirements to Use ARB DMS

  1. -Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Netscape Navigator 7.0+ browser

Acceptable Electronic Document Formats

  1. - Adobe PDF
  2. - Image formats: JPG and GIF
  3. - Microsoft Office: Word 2003, Excel 2003, Power Point 2003, and Access 2003

User's Guide

User's Guide for ARB DMS Version 2 - Updated to reflect new OpenEDMS 3.7 user interface and features, includes all categories and more.

Updated File Naming Convention - Updated 2/23/12 (changes highlighted)

ARB DMS Training  

ARB staff provides internet training sessions to demonstrate how to use the system to interested manufacturers. Each 60-minute (approx.) session is provided once a month, on the last week of every month. For interested manufacturers, please contact your certification representative or Ivonne Guzman-Cicero for training details.    

Manufacturer Training Presentation                                    
Major Steps to Submit a Document

ARB DMS Tutorials

The following tutorials show step by step how to perform each of the tasks listed below. These tutorials were created to provide a quick reference in a specific DMS function or to be used as a training tool of how to submit documents to ARB DMS repository. If you have problems running these tutorials you may need to customize the security setting of Microsoft Internet and the Flash Player Settings. To learn how to do it please run these programs:

  1. Running Tutorial from Internet Explorer.
  2. Changing Flash Player Settings.

ARB Tutorials for Manufactures


  1. How to Connect and Login to ARB DMS
  2. How to Change User Password
  3. How to Create a New Engine Family Folder
  4. How to Upload Documents to ARB DMS
  5. How to Submit Documents to WorkFlow Processes
  6. How to Add Revised Documents to the Existing Workflow Processes
  7. How to Add new Documents to Desired Workflow Processes
  8. How to Submit Multiple Documents to a Workflow Process
  9. How to Create Multiple Engine Family Folders
  10. How to Use Folder Metadata to Reduce File Metadata Entry
  11. How to Link Common File(s) to the Files from Multiple Test Groups/Engine Families

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I relate the version of an EPA and an ARB document?
  2. How can one show or hide thumbnails?
  3. What is the process to create folders to upload engine and test group documents?
  4. What is the naming convention for OBD2 approval letters and EPA Certificate of Compliance (EPA CofC)
  5. How can one submit Off-Road PLT reports that contain data from two model years?
  6. How do I submit a Running Change to the DMS for an Off-Road engine/evaporative family?
  7. What are the different document statuses (Received, Pending, etc.), and what is the definition for each of them?
  8. What code should I use to name On-Road Service Manual, Owners Manual, or TSB documents?
  9. How can I edit the properties of a document?
  10. Why there is no workflow process template? I cannot submit my document.
  11. What is the advantage of creating a folder with the copy/paste function versus the create folder function?
  12. How can I change the default document-type of a folder, and add metadata to it?

DMS Problems / Troubleshooting Please Contact

  • Ivonne Guzman-Cicero (626) 575-6718 DMS Administrator
  • Lucky Benedict (Light Duty), (626) 450-6181   
  • Telena Vo (Motorcycle), (626) 350-6530 Updated 1/16/18 new
  • James Pang (Heavy Duty & Off-Road Compression Ignition), (626) 450-6127
  • Michael Lin (Off-Road Spark Ignition), (626) 459-4461
  • Alan Chow (Off-Road Spark Ignition), (626) 575-6703 Updated 1/16/18 new
  • Yong Yu  (On Board Diagnostic), (626) 350-6455 2/12/18 new