Z Bus Workshop Materials - September 17, 2013

This page last reviewed September 20, 2013

The Air Resources Board held a workshop on September 17, 2013 at the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The workshop provided an update on ZBus technology, provided an opportunity to comment on suggested program changes that would enhance successful commercialization of ZBuses, and promoted reductions in smog and greenhouse gas emission from transit fleets. Below are presentations from that workshop.

Presentations and Bios

Panel 1: Battery Electric Bus (BEB) – Status & Future
(Moderator: Mr. John Drayton, LA County Metro)  

Panel 2: Fuel Cell Electric Bus (FCEB) - Status & Future
(Moderator: Mr. Steve Miller, Golden Gate Transit) 

Panel 3: ZBus Infrastructure 
(Moderator: Mr. Nico Bouwkamp, CA Fuel Cell Partnership)

Panel 4: Real World Experience with ZBuses
(Moderator: Mr. Jaimie Levin, Center for Transportation and the Environment)  

Closing Remarks: