Transit Policy and Compliance Notifications

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Notifications Regarding
bullet October 16, 2008
(PDF - 25K)
Mail-Out #MSC 08-30 -What do I do when my verified diesel emission control strategy (DECS) fails outside the warranty period? The purpose of this advisory is to define what failures of a DECS are allowed after the warranty period.
bullet October 8, 2008
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Mail-Out # MSC 08-28 - The purpose of this advisory is to provide guidance to owners and operators of diesel vehicles and equipment on the importance of following good engine maintenance practices, in particular with engines that are equipped with retrofit devices.
bullet September 26, 2008
(PDF - 27K)
Mail-Out #MSC 08-26 - Deadline for installation of diesel retrofits that do not comply with the 2009 NO2 limit. As of January 1, 2009, all verified diesel retrofits sold and installed must comply with the 2009 nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions limit as defined in the Verification Procedure,
Warranty and In-Use Compliance Requirements for In-Use
strategies to Control Emissions from Diesel Engines (the Procedure), title 13, California Code of Regulations, sections 2700-2710.
bullet August 29, 2008
(PDF - 45K)
Enforcement Advisory Number 379 - Diesel emissions control strategies (DECS) are used to control exhaust from diesel fleets.  The ARB’s verification procedure requires that a DECS manufacturer specify the fuel necessary for proper functioning of the DECS. Use of any alternative diesel fuels and/or fuel additives not specifically listed in the DECS verification Executive Order is illegal and strictly prohibited.
bullet April 21, 2008
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Mail-Out #MSC 08-09 -  California’s transit agencies need to be aware that some diesel engine manufacturers are legally selling engines that do not have high level particulate matter (PM) emission control systems. Because of this, these engines do not provide the emission reductions from 2007 model year and newer engines needed by transit agencies to meet the emission reduction requirements of the Fleet Rule for Transit Agencies.  While most new diesel engines are produced with high level PM emission control systems, some manufacturers are utilizing the averaging, banking, and trading program to certify some engines above the 0.01 g/bhp-hr PM emission standard.
bullet March 7, 2008
(PDF - 23K)
Mail-Out #MSC 08-06 - ARB has issued an advisory to remind transit agencies on the Alternative Fuel Path of the requirements associated with introducing new urban buses to their fleet.  Urban buses new to an Alternative Fuel Path fleet, including any leased vehicles, vehicles under contract, and newly purchased or acquired vehicles (new or used), must meet the alternative fuel purchasing requirement of 85% alternative fuel powered urban buses in a calendar year. This also includes all urban buses provided by private companies under contract to the transit agency.
bullet February 11, 2008
(PDF - 22K)
Mail-Out #MSC 08-01 -The Air Resources Board issued an advisory to remind transit agencies, bus manufacturers, and engine manufacturers that vehicles intended for urban bus service in California must continue to be powered by engines certified to the urban bus service class.
bullet August 17, 2007
(PDF - 25K)
Revised Enforcement Advisory number 354 is now available. This advisory is to inform heavy-duty diesel fleet owners/operators about the labeling requirements of ARB's programs for Low Nox Reflash, Engine Emission Certification, Solid Waste Collection Vehicles, Public Agency and Utility Vehicles, and Diesel Emission Control Strategies. To view go there:
bullet January 27, 2006
(PDF - 24K)
Mail-Out #MSC 06-03 - New requirements affect revenue and non-revenue vehicles that are not subject to the current urban bus requirements.
bullet December 6, 2005
(PDF - 24K)
The California Senate passed Senate Bill 975, which allows within California any federal, state, or local agency; any regulated utility, and any owner or operator of solid waste collection vehicles to use B20 with retrofit devices through 2008 whether or not the device is verified with its use. An advisory letter, Mailout #MSC 05-21, clarifying the use of B20, diesel that contains 20 percent by volume biodiesel, in conjunction with retrofit devices is now available.
bullet April 12, 2005
(PDF - 274K)
The letter to G. W. Tillery of A to Z Bus Sales from ARB regarding the sale of 35 foot transit buses with medium heavy duty engines has been posted to the general information and letters site.
bullet April 21, 2004
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ARB settles cases of non-compliance with the October 1, 2002, NOx fleet average reduction requirement.
bullet June 27, 2003
(PDF - 89K)
Letter to Orion Bus from ARB Regarding the Use of 2003 MY Engines in 2004 Chassis Buses
bullet August 15, 2002
(PDF - 70K)
Conference Call on Thursday, August 22, 2002 on the Definition of "Alternative Fuel" Notice
bullet June 5, 2002
(PDF - 364K)
Advisory on Retrofitting Transit Buses to Reduce Particulate Matter (PM) Emissions
bullet December 20, 2001
(PDF - 24K)
"Urban Bus" Definition Clarification Letter
bullet December 21, 2001
(PDF - 22K)
Hybrid Bus Values for Calculations Letter
bullet June 19, 2001
(PDF - 24K)
Memo to California Transit Association and Transit Agencies (MSC 01-11) regarding Transit Bus Fleet Rule Implementation Update
bullet April 2001
(PDF - 28K)
Transit Bus Fleet Rule Reporting Requirements Summary
bullet April 21, 2004
(PDF - 64K)
Letter to All California Public Transit Agencies (MSC 01-01) regarding Compliance Information for Transit Agencies and January 31, 2001 Reporting Forms