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Innovative Clean Transit

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Adopted in 2000, the Transit Fleet Rule requires reductions in criteria pollutants and exposure to air contaminants from urban buses and transit vehicles. The transit rule established a purchase requirement of zero emission technologies for large transit agencies.

ARB is working on refreshing the rule, called Innovative Clean Transit (ICT), by engaging transit agencies, manufacturers, technology providers and other stakeholders. The transformation of the transit fleet is an important step in ARB's strategy to accelerate the use of advanced technologies in heavy-duty vehicles to meet air quality, climate and public health goals.

Program Implementation Activities:

Funding Opportunities:

What Staff is Currently Doing:

Staff is currently developing a proposal to further reduce emissions from the conventional bus fleet by requiring use of renewable fuels and the cleanest available engines and phasing-in zero emission bus purchases. As fleets become familiar with zero emission bus technology, and technology evolves, purchase requirements would increase with the goal of transforming the statewide transit bus fleet by 2040. The proposed amendments would also include flexibility options for fleets to work together to pool requirements or to develop regional plans to meet the same goals.

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