Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program - Car Scrap

This page last reviewed October 3, 2017

Program Statistics and Data

EFMP Program Statistics

These data are from both components of retire and replace program: EFMP Retire and Replace and EFMP Plus-Up.

Retire and Replace Summary Report Data Through:

EFMP Participant Level Data

This data set is a list of projects funded by EFMP and EFMP Plus-Up Retire and Replace Programs in the San Joaquin Valley and South Coast air basins. Participant level data is the amount of funding received from these scrap and replace programs as well as vehicle information for both the old high, polluting vehicle and the cleaner replacement technology. All personally identifiable information has been removed from the data set.

Retire and Replace Participant Level Data Through:

Annual Report

The status and outcome of projects funded by greenhouse house gas reduction fund, including EFMP Plus-Up, are reported in the annual report to the Legislature.