Aftermarket Catalytic Converters (Vehicle Application List Entry)

This page last reviewed on May 03, 2016

Aftermarket To XML Application

TO: All catalytic converter manufacturers

ARB has developed a web site that allows the general public to search for California legal aftermarket catalytic converters for their vehicles.  

The above highlighted Aftermarket To XML Application link provides a self-installing and self-updating application for a revised xml form.  This application was created to provide aftermarket catalytic converter manufacturers a structured tool, for submitting their vehicle application lists to the Air Resources Board (ARB).


***NOTE:    1. Before installing the new version of the application all versions before must be uninstalled.

                    2. Use of Internet Explorer (IE) Version 9.0 (or higher) is recommended for installation. 


Please use the following directions to download the revised Aftermarket To XML Application:


1.      Click on the “Aftermarket To XML Application” hyperlink, above.

2.      On the Aftermarket To XML "publish” webpage, click the “Install’ button, to begin the installation.

3.      If you receive a “Security Warning” with the question; “Are you sure you want to install this application?”,

         click the “Install" button, to continue to install the application.

4.      When the installation process is complete, the Aftermarket To XML Application will launch itself.

5.      From the “File” menu, click the “Exit” option, to close the application.

6.      When the installation is complete, a shortcut will be created in the MS Window’s START menu under:

         -> All Programs -> “California Air Resources Board” directory.


After this application has been installed, version or higher, it will automatically check ARB servers for updates.  If a newer version of the Aftermarket To XML application exists, the form will update itself with the latest Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) dataset release, that is incorporated into this application.  Thereafter, all subsequent updates will occur upon the start of the application.


This click-once deployment process was developed to ensure that aftermarket catalytic converter manufacturers will always have the latest Aftermarket To XML application.  Manufactures should use the following form, for submitting their vehicle application list, whenever applying for an exemption from Vehicle Code Section (VC) 27156 (Form A - General Criteria Parts Application).

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about this file, please contact Mr. Andy Ho at (626) 350-6556, or via e-mail at

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