Help Clean Up the Air


What can you do to help clean up the air?
Here are a few suggestions on how you can help clean up the air (you've probably thought of some of these already):

  1. Bicycle or walk instead of driving. (Cars and trucks are the biggest sources of air pollution.)
  2. Take the bus, carpool, or vanpool instead of driving.
  3. If you drive, keep your vehicle tuned-up. (A tuned-up vehicle contributes less to air pollution and saves you money on gas.)
  4. Combine car trips. (Run all your errands at once because a warm engine pollutes less. Starting a car when its engine is cold produces a lot more air pollution.)
  5. Report the license of vehicles that you can either see or smell air pollution coming out of their exhaust pipe or engine compartment. (The dirtiest vehicles are responsible for about 40% of all automotive air pollution. Call 1-800-END-SMOG from a regular phone, or #SMOG (#7664) from a cell phone and give the vehicle license number and the location where you saw the polluting vehicle.)
  6. Get a more fuel-efficient vehicle, hybrid vehicle (runs on a combination of gas and electricity), or electric vehicle.
  7. Use electric lawn and garden equipment. (Gas powered equipment produce more air pollution during use and gasoline stored in the tank and storage containers add to air pollution through evaporation.)
  8. Use less energy by buying energy-efficient appliances and equipment, and low-wattage fluorescent light bulbs. (Burning fossil fuels and generating electricity usually creates air pollution.)
  9. Reduce, re-use and recycle as much as possible.

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