ARB Website Public Surveys - 2007 and 2009

This page last reviewed March 29, 2010

ARB's 2009 Public Website Survey

During the early Summer of 2009, we re-issued the 2007 survey with some minor changes.  We received slightly over 1,000 responses summarized below.  Turns out that despite much work on the part of ARB staff, we have not improved much over the past two years as evidenced by the quantitative results.  For further information on the project, please take a look at our brief  background document.    We provide all of the statistics and comments received, but the detailed analysis has not yet been completed.

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ARB's 2007 Public Website Survey

When Governor Schwarzenegger advised all State government webmasters in the Fall 2006 that we needed to change our website to reflect the new "look and feel," ARB chose to merge these changes with others proposed by our stakeholders.  We greatly appreciate the comments received from the 958 individuals who completed the questionnaire, and we have made huge changes to our website as a result of the comments received.  

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If you have any thoughts about either the 2007 or 2009 surveys, please contact ARB's webmaster at (916) 322-3260.  Thank you for your interest in ARB's website.