ARB's Public Website Survey - Background / History

This page last reviewed November 2, 2009

The CARBIS (California Air Resources Board Information System) Committee, made up of representatives from all ARB Divisions, concluded in 2007 that since the Governor's new templates would result in major changes to our existing environment, this would be the optimum time to survey our stakeholders to see what other website changes were needed.

Our statistician designed a survey along with the Committee.  For each area of the survey, we solicited narrative comments and in addition to the responder’s ranking of each aspect of the site: search engine, navigability, clarity, completeness, etc.  We purchased a $99 three-month contract with Zoomerang to host our survey and provide us with the resulting raw statistics and associated comments.  The survey was linked from our public website homepage ( for one month in March-April 2007.  A link soliciting stakeholders to complete the survey could also be found on the footer accompanying every list serve broadcast issued during that one-month period.  

In October 2007, the Committee generated its "draft" analysis of the results and posted these on our Intranet for comment.  From the subsequent ARB staff comments received during this one month comment period, we generated a so-called "final draft."   We placed the survey, the statistics and comments, and the analysis on the public website.   The analysis includes a two-page Executive Summary which has been updated multiple times since October, 2007.  We call this a "living document" as we intend to update the Executive Summary as items are added or completed.  In some instances, a major item is completed and thereby noted in red.  In other cases, the policy decisions have been worked out and documented, but the heavy lifting has yet to be done.  By "heavy lifting" we refer to the manual updating of individual webpages.  These items are referenced in blue.

In January 2008, we received a second analysis of our website which validated the results of the 2007 survey.

In early Summer 2009, we re-issued essentially the identical survey.  By this time, we had our new left-hand column navigation bars to improve navigability, Google-compliant metatagging, easier access to videos, more concise top level pages requiring less reading, and many other system improvements.  Certainly, search engine problems and navigability of ARB's website were our primary areas of focus, and we did a lot of work on this.  Alas, we scored about the same in each of the survey areas and in some instances, we scored a bit lower.  We notice that the survey participant demographic had changed as we issued the survey during a period of considerable registration activity for drayage trucks, transport refrigeration units (TRUs or "reefers') and diesel off-road equipment.  These new registration requirements appear to have brought in many new users of the website, who visit us for the sole purpose of registering their diesel equipment. 

Needless to say, we have more to do to satisfy our stakeholder community and particularly those users who come to the website only to register equipment.  The survey's executive summary points the direction to future changes to the website.

If you have any thoughts on any of this, please contact our webmaster or call (916) 322-3260.