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This page last reviewed May 30, 2019

There are a variety of areas on this website from which you find publications generated by the ARB. The following is a list of major ARB publication types (including areas where ARB is a content contributor) plus a brief description of each category.

Type of Publication Description of What You Will Find
Aftermarket Parts with ARB Executive Orders Street legal add-on and modified parts for motor vehicles are evaluated by ARB and the resulting Executive Orders are housed in this area.
Air Toxic Control Measures These include all ARB Mobile and Stationary Source Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCMs). 
Agricultural Burn Decisions ARB's meteorology personnel work with California's 35 local air districts to set daily acreage limits by district.
Air Quality/Emissions Data and Statistics This area includes ARB's Air Quality Data, Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality, Area Designations and Standards, The 2007 California Ambient Air Quality Data DVD, Emission Inventory, and Air Quality Models.
Area Source Methodologies Area-Wide source methods are used to estimate emissions for approximately 500 emission source categories in the emission inventory. 
Audit Reports / District Program Reviews ARB conducts reviews of the air pollution control and air quality management districts' air quality programs.
Board Meeting Documents Agendas, summaries (meeting minutes), electronic board books, meeting transcripts (going back to 1995), plus public comments received on all rulemakings since January 2006.
Business Assistance We provide some general information materials to assist businesses in California.
District Rules and Regulations California's 35 local air districts draft rules and regulations for all stationary sources. Current and historical copies of these rules are available here.
Enforcement Advisories Advisories are issued re: cargo tanks, consumer products, fuels, portable fuel containers, mobile sources, vapor recovery, and variances.
Enforcement Case Settlements Settlement agreements, litigation and related documents may be available subject to applicable exemptions from disclosure under California's Public Records Act.
Enforcement Reports Annual reports of ARB enforcement activities.
Executive Orders ARB certifies many kinds of equipment, compounds, processes, etc. eligible to be used in California.
Fact Sheets / FAQs Fact sheets and "frequently asked question" materials are generated for many topics so that sometimes complicated issues can be charactierized in a user friendly manner (ideally, brief and easy to read).
Forms Check out this area if you need something certified by ARB, you are soliciting grant monies, you want to file an electronic complaint, you want to sign up for some training, or you need a burn permit, etc.
Health Risk Assessments The ARB is preparing health risk assessments (HRA) for major railyards across the state. Information on the draft HRAs is provided here. There are additional documents under our Ports and Goods Movement area.
Health Updates ARB staff provide monthly Board meeting updates regarding the latest research findings on Health and Air Pollution.  
Job Vacancy Duty Statements This is ARB's link to its job announcement hosted by the State Personnel Board's VPOS database. 
Journals - Electronic The Cal/EPA Library provides online access to various e-journals. These journals are accessible by only Cal/EPA staff or patrons of the Cal/EPA library.
Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) The laboratory standard operating procedures (SOPs) are documents which describe the steps necessary to conduct a measurement and the critical parameters to be evaluated during the analysis
Legislation California Air Quality Legislation annual reports summarizing legislative activity back to 1998.
Library for Cal/EPA The Cal/EPA Library contains journals and reference materials that pertain to air pollution, solid waste, and hazardous waste management.
Mandated Reports (by the Legislature) These legislatively mandated reports contain information on various aspects of air pollution programs administered within the ARB.
Manufacturers Advisory Corresp. (MAC) Comprehensive Listing of Motor Vehicle Related Mailouts and Manufacturers Advisory Correspondence (MAC)
Maps You want maps, we got maps! Take a look at this list of topics and also try our "Find Your Community - Geographically-oriented Areas of this Website"
Mobile Source Mailouts Sequentially-numbered mailouts on a variety of mobile source subjects. Mailouts include such things as meeting notices, meeting summaries, surveys and survey results, subgroup meetings, teleconference agendas, staff reports, and 45-day notices, to name a few.
News Releases All ARB-generated news releases issued since 1990 can be found here.
Organization Charts View the organization structure of ARB as a whole and its individual divisions
Public Comments to the Board All public comments to our Board are available for review.
Public Record Act Requests Learn how you can request access documents from the ARB.
Regulations To get to the individual current program regulations, please proceed to the program area. You might find our A-Z Index to be a fast way to find the program area of interest. To access the actual text for each regulatory section, please to the OAL website, select either Title 13 or 17, and then select "Division 3 - Air Resources (Board)" to find the current text of all ARB regulations.
Research Studies (All projects) The California Air Resources Board sponsors a comprehensive program of research into the causes and effects of, and possible solutions to, the air pollution problem in California.
Rulemakings An addition, deletion or change to California Code of Regulations Titles 13 and 17 occurs as a result of a "formal" rulemaking approved by our Board. There are a variety of documents required to facilitate these changes and they are located here, plus you'll find a link to the "informal" regulatory process that preceded the formal rulemaking process.
Seminars - Research Series The ARB sponsors this series of seminars on a variety of air quality managment topics and these presentations are then made available in powerpoint and in some instances in video format i.e., wmv.
Software ARB develops, publishes and/or contributes to the development of software for air modeling.
Staff Directories White pages, Yellow pages, staff directories for all Cal/EPA staff and all State of California staff. Also, we provide links for emergency contacts, Americans with Disabilities (ADA), local air districts, hard copy and email list serve subscriptions, etc.
Staff Reports ("formal regulatory process") Formal "rulemaking" documents include: Board Hearing Notices (a.k.a. 45-Day Notices); Notices of Public Availability of Modified Text (15-Day Notices); Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR), Final Statement of Reasons (FSOR), Resolutions, Proposed vs. Final Regulation orders (proposed vs. final changes to regulatory language), Notices of Postponement or Continuance, etc.

Please select the year that the rulemaking was heard by the Board, find the rulemaking topic for that year, and finally select the document of interest.
Staff Reports ("informal regulatory process") Before an item goes to formal regulatory process, there are meeting notices, agendas, and summaries for workshops, work group meetings, teleconference and video conference calls, draft staff reports, stakeholder and ARB staff Powerpoint presentations, interim guidance documents, etc.

For these documents, please locate the program or topic of interest, or try our detailed A-Z Index.
Scientific Review Panel Findings on Toxic Air Contaminants The Scientific Review Panel (SRP) is charged with evaluating the risk assessments of substances proposed for identification as toxic air contaminants by the ARB and the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR).
State Implementation Plans Federal clean air laws require areas with unhealthy levels of ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and inhalable particulate matter to develop plans, known as State Implementation Plans (SIPs), describing how they will attain national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS).  
Stationary Source Performance Standards Under the California Clean Air Act, local air districts develop plans to attain the State ambient air quality standard for ozone. We also include summary tables which identify the performance standards for the first set of stationary source categories reviewed.
Test Methods / Test Procedures ARB test methods are formal written procedures for measurement of physical parameters related to air pollution including pollutant emissions concentration and mass flow rate, materials properties such as asbestos content of solids and volatile organic content of wastes, and various aspects of the performance of vapor recovery systems at service stations, bulk plants and terminals. 
Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) Identification Reports The ARB is responsible for the identification and control of toxic air contaminants, except in their pesticidal use. ARB prepares identification reports on candidate substances. The reports and summaries describe the uses of and the extent of emissions in California resulting in public exposure, together with their potential health effects.
Training Course Descriptions ARB provides training on a host of air quality management enforcement areas.
Videos / Flash Pages Click on this to find a variety of videos concerning air quality management. May videos will be of specific interest to the air inspectors community. 
Webcasts Currently, only some Chair Seminar Series events are available for download, and most of these events have not yet been converted to a downloadable format. We will get these on the server as staffing resources permit.
What's New Archive As of June 2007, both the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and ARB's What's New archive point to a single chronological listing of all list serve broadcasts sent to our public list serves. Or you can view the archive for any individual list.