ARB's Public Outreach Program

This page last reviewed March 10, 2015


The ARB maintains an extensive public outreach program in an effort to support an understanding of and compliance with our air quality regulatory program. Please explore the following resources, and let us know what we can do for you to help us attain California's air quality goals.

Outreach Initiatives


About ARB Who are we?  What is our mission? How'd we get here, and where are we going?
Who are the key players including all current Board members, Executive Officers, and Arie Haagen-Smit, known by many as the "father" of air pollution control.
CA. Air Response Planning Alliance (CARPA) The alliance provides actionable incident response information to protect public health and the environment from the impacts of accidental or deliberate releases of hazardous compounds into the air.
Fact Sheets In an effort to generate user-friendly material for subjects that are often times inherently technical, we have generated many fact sheets.
Frequently Asked Questions What are the most common questions asked of ARB's helpline?
Join Any ARB Email Lists If you want to know what's happening at the ARB, you will want to sign up with any of our email lists. 
Knowzone (Kids, Students, Teachers) It's all about the air we breathe, air pollution and how to keep the air clean and healthy.
News Releases ARB wants you to know what we are doing on behalf of the environment.
Ombudsman ARB's Ombudsman Office provides the public with access and assistance to the regulatory process and encourages open communication to resolve complaints and conflicts.
Publications There are a variety of publication types generated by the ARB and this portal may provide a quick path to each kind of publication.
Request a Speaker Let us know if you would like someone from the ARB to speak at your event.
RSS News Feeds / What's New ARB's What's New website is a chronological archive of all list serve broadcasts which are also available via RSS feed.
Videos Track the history of air quality management in California via video.
Webcasts All Board meetings, Chairman Seminar Series talks, and selected high-profile workhops are webcast.
Workshops / Meetings All events can be found on our calendar which in turn is available in a variety of formats.

For more information, please contact our Office of Communications.