Goods Movement, Ports and Rail Program Contacts

This page last reviewed February 4, 2016

For more information about any of the Air Resources Board's Goods Movement, Ports and Rail Program Activities, please email or telephone us at the following:

Cargo Handling Equipment (Ports and Intermodal Rail) Michele Houghton (916) 327-5638
Commercial Harbor Craft Zhenlei Wang (916) 322-1049
Diesel Risk Reduction Plan Dan Donohoue (916) 322-8277
Drayage Trucks / Port Trucks Mike Sutherland (916) 327-5609
Enforcement Various
Goods Movement and Ports Plan Cynthia Marvin (916) 322-7236
Harbor Communities Monitoring Ash Lashgari (916) 323-1506
Idling - Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles David Chen (626) 575-6673
Incentives Various
In-Use Off-Road Equipment Johanna Levine (916) 322-3499
Locomotives Harold Holmes (916) 324-8029
Ocean-Going Ships (Commercial Marine Vessels) Various
Ports Activities Portal Various
Prop 1B - Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program Various (916) 444-6637
Railyard Emission Reduction Plan Harold Holmes (916) 324-8029
Recreational Marine Engines Scott Rowland (626) 575-6676
Shore Power Grant Chin (916) 327-5602
Transport Refrigeration Units Rod Hill (916) 327-5636
Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategies Shawn Daley (626) 575-6972
Vessel Speed Reduction Robert Krieger (916) 323-1202

Goods Movement, Ports, and Rail Activities