Executive Order: G-719 Gasoline Test Method Equivalency Determination

This page last reviewed March 9, 2009

The Air Resources Board has adopted regulations specifying test methods for determining compliance with gasoline specifications. The gasoline specifications are found in Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Division 3, Chapter 5, Article 1, Sections 2250-2273.5 and can be viewer here. Section 2263(c) gives the Executive Officer the authority to grant equivalency to alternate test methods. Several equivalencies have been granted.

The executive orders granting these equivalencies, and their supporting documents, contain proprietary and confidential information. As a result, they are not made available on our web site. For more information, please contact Judson Cohan at (626) 575-6792 (jcohan@arb.ca.gov), or Yanbo Pang at (626) 575-6692 (yanbo.pang@arb.ca.gov).