Executive Order: G-696 Gasoline Containing Additives

This page last reviewed September 19, 2016

Any gasoline sold for on-road use in California must be certified for deposit control additives, as promulgated in California Code of Regulations, Title 13, Section 2257. To certify a gasoline formulation, the gasoline marketer must submit a written application to the Air Resources Board (ARB). The application must describe the additive formulation, specify the minimum dosage rate, and include test data showing that the formulation passes testing required to demonstrate engine cleanliness for port fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. The testing is performed with an ARB-approved test fuel in accordance with ASTM D5598 and ASTM D5500, which are each 10,000-mile tests, and the test results are reviewed by ARB engineers. Upon approval of the application, the executive officer issues a certification. If you have any questions regarding this set of Executive Orders, please contact Jim Guthrie at (916) 327-1508.