Executive Order G-125 - State Implementation Plan (SIP)

This page last reviewed July 15, 2011

G-125 series executive orders are used to state that ARB has adopted district rule(s) as revisions to the California State Implementation Plan. The SIP revision is transmitted to U.S. EPA, Region 9, to meet the requirements of the federal Clean Air Act. Approximately a half-dozen submittals are made each year involving an estimated 50 district rules. The package forwarded by ARB to U.S. EPA includes copies of the rules, public notice documents, public hearing documents such as board resolutions and minutes, comment letters, district staff report, the SIP Completeness Checklist, Rule Evaluation Form, and the district's letter requesting ARB submit the rule(s) to the SIP. For more information, please contact Dave Brown at (916) 324-1129.

See also Series "S" Executive Orders.