Air Resources Board FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Guidelines/Instructions for ARB Client

This page last reviewed March 2, 2010

How do I use the FTP server?
General Information
FTP Disclaimers and Operating Conditions

FTP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What software should I use to access the server?
What are the login IDs and passwords for external users?
Who has access to the files that I deposit?
What are the acceptable or best file formats to use?
Should I worry about computer virus?

General Information

The Anonymous FTP (file transfer protocol) server is a temporary public depository that allows anyone with Internet access to easily share files with ARB staff. The FTP server is much like a bulletin board in that you can place information (files) on the server for others to obtain or get information others want to share with you.

Files can be deposited and accessed by both internal users (ARB Staff using the ARB Backbone) and external users (those using other Internet providers such as America Online, or other government providers). Incoming and outgoing storage areas are set aside to provide a standard level of security for the anonymous FTP server.

The /pub/outgoing directory is where internal (ARB) users will place files to be picked up by external users. The /pub/incoming directory is where external users will place files to be retrieved by ARB users. Files are automatically removed after three days.

What software should I use to access the server?

You may use Microsoft Internet Explorer or any FTP software WS_FTP or open source alternative FileZilla.

What are the login IDs and passwords?

External users use the standard 'ftp' login used by most anonymous FTP servers and their valid email address as a password (, for example). Newer versions of Netscape allow you set the preferences to automatically input your email addresses when FTPing, saving you this step.

Bottom line, how do I use the FTP server?

The easiest way to access the FTP server is to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. You may wish to refer to the Air Resources Board FTP Handbook for External Users ( pdf format 433K).

To deposit or retrieve files:

  • Using Microsoft Internt Explorer, Go to the URL,

  • Enter a password in the dialog box (your complete email address)

  • Double click to open the folder 'pub.'

    • Deposit files for internal users in the / pub / incoming / directory by clicking and dragging them from your workstation to the folder.

    • Retrieve a file from internal users from the / pub / outgoing / directory by clicking and dragging the file from the folder to your workstation.

Who has access to the files that I deposit?

Anyone can access files that you deposit on the ARB FTP server.

What are the acceptable or best file formats?

If you have to choose, binary transfer mode is usually a safe option. The intended recipient of the file should be informed of the appropriate application in which to use the file. Large files (over 10 MB) should be zipped by using a file compression utility such as WinZip or open source alternative 7-Zip . Compressing large files allows for more reliable transmission.

Should I worry about a computer virus?

Yes, any file that you access from the Internet or an electronic Bulletin Board Service may contain a computer virus. It is recommended that you scan all files that you have downloaded with virus detection software.

FTP Disclaimers and Operating Conditions

The California Air Resources Board FTP Server is provided for authorized use only.Unauthorized use is a violation of state and federal laws. Suspicious activity will be reported to the authorities. Please review the offical ARB Information Systems Policies and Disclaimers / Conditions of Use for additional information.

The FTP server runs seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Support staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.