How to Use the ARB's Events Calendar Database

This page last reviewed September 13, 2013

The ARB Events Calendar is a database listing of events in which the California Air Resources Board has participated or is scheduled to participate. The Events Calendar web page allows you to look up the events of interest to you.  To start, click on the red "Events" tab at the top of the page.

Viewing ALL Future Events

The first button "Current Events" will list all the events from today's date forward without regard to any selection criteria. Any text in red italics indicates that text has recently been changed. EVENT TIMES AND LOCATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO AN EVENT, PLEASE RECHECK THE EVENTS CALENDAR. The second button "Monthly Calendar" will provide a grid view of the monthly calendar, versus the tabular view. From there, you can also view at a glance other months before and after the current month.

Viewing Events Based Upon Your Own Selection Criteria

Alternatively, you can search for specific events or types of events by using the combination of menus and fields below the colored line. All of the menus and fields below the colored line act together to create a query on the events database. When you click the "Search Events" button, only the events that meet all of the criteria you selected will be shown.

For example, if you wanted to see all of the events from February 12, 2003 through June 1, 2003, you would select the appropriate month, day, and year from the drop-down menus labeled as "Begin Date" and "End Date." Then press "Search Events" and this will display all of the events between those two dates.

By clicking on the "Back" button on your web browser, you can return to the Events Calendar page. Afterwhich, you can press the "Clear Criteria" to return the month, day, and year (and all other selection menus) to their default values.

You can also search for an event with a specific title by entering a portion of an event title in the field under "Events Title / Keyword". The search is not case sensitive so "toxic" and "TOXIC" will be treated the same. You should, however, enter only a fragment of the title so you do not unintentionally eliminate relevant events. Since the search is for an exact match for what is entered; i.e., entering "toxic regulations" will not find "toxic fee regulations," it is better to enter only "toxic."


The "Any" which appears in several of the selection criteria fields means that you have not specified a search criterion for this parameter, and therefore, the events that are searched for will not be limited by that parameter. Note that the more parameters specified the fewer the number of events that will be displayed since the search will be that much more specific. By not selecting any parameters, all events will be displayed.

The "Event Type" is an attempt by ARB staff to categorize an event as either an ARB Board Meeting, ARB Workshop, etc.

The "City" This is a list of most of the locations in which a public event may be scheduled.

The "Begin Date / End Date" fields are used to narrow the time frame for your search.


We also provide a separate calendar for all Climate Change activities plus a calendar for "workshops."  For webcasts, we provide links to the Cal/EPA master webcasts calendar plus a link to our vendor's webcast archive website.


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