Air Pollution and What You Can Do

This page last reviewed May 22, 2018

In this area, we provide some background materials concerning the problems of air pollution. In addition, we provide access to some documents which explain ways we can help reduce air pollution in our communities. For more information, please contact Dimitri Stanich at (916) 322-2990.

50 Things You Can Do This pamphlet shows you how to reduce air pollution.
Buyer's Guide to Cleaner Cars This website guide can help you quickly identify the cleanest cars sold in California.
Bicycle Awareness Program People choosing to pedal rather than drive usually replace short automobile trips that are disproportionately high in pollutant emissions.
DriveClean A buying guide for clean and efficient vehicles
CoolCalifornia Resources to all Californians in order to reduce their environmental impact and take action to stop climate change. Realizing local governments, businesses, schools and individuals have different needs, the webpages are customized for each audience.
Fact Sheets/FAQs and Videos ARB has produced a series of general-interest easy-to-read fact sheets, "frequently asked questions," brochures, and videos concerning many aspects of our air quality management program.
File an Air Pollution Complaint Help reduce air pollution by reporting smoking vehicles or idling vehicles or other general air pollution complaints.
Glossary of Air Quality Management Terms Recognizing that our web site users might need some help in defining certain air quality management terms and acronyms, we provide here a glossary of terms to help you help us clean our air.
Indoor Air Quality Program The goal of the Indoor Program is to identify and reduce Californians' exposures to indoor air pollutants. Learn what you can do to lessen your exposure.
Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Help reduce ozone-forming emissions by accelerating normal fleet turnover so that newer, cleaner vehicles can be put into use sooner than what would occur naturally.

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