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This page was developed to provide interested parties with information about multimedia evaluations that are conducted in response to ARB' s changes in motor vehicle fuel specifications or the verification of alternative diesel fuels.


Health and Safety Code Section 43830.8 requires that the state board (ARB) may not adopt any regulation that establishes a specification for motor vehicle fuel unless that regulation, and a multimedia evaluation conducted by affected agencies and coordinated by the state board, are reviewed by the California Environmental Policy Council (CEPC) established pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 71017 of the Public Resources Code. The evaluation shall be based on the best available scientific data, written comments submitted by any interested person, and information collected by the state board. The state board shall prepare a written summary of the multimedia evaluation, and shall submit the summary for external scientific peer review, in accordance with Section 57004.
The California Air Resources Board works with federal, state, and local agencies and affected parties to prepare multimedia evaluations regarding any changes in motor vehicle fuel specifications or certifications for alternative diesel fuels.

Guidance on the Types of Scientific Information to be Submitted by Applicants for California Fuels Environmental Multimedia Evaluations (PDF-1.7M)

What's New

  • Jun 23, 2015:  Public Meeting of the California Environmental Policy Council to consider the multimedia evaluations of biodiesel and renewable diesel and the Alternative Diesel Fuel regulation (PDF-644K)
  • February 2015:  California Dimethyl Ether Multimedia Evaluation Final Tier I Report prepared by the University of California, Davis and the University of California, Berkeley (PDF-9.8M)

  • Viscon California, LLC Application for Verifying Viscon Fuel Additive Resolution (PDF-116K)
  • Lubrizol's Application for Verifying PuriNox Resolution (PDF-309K)
  • Amendments to the Diesel Fuel Regulations Resolution (PDF-339K)


Multimedia Evaluation of Amendments to California Diesel Fuel Regulations:
  • Staff Report: Recommendation on Need for Multimedia Evaluation of Amendments to the California Diesel Fuel Regulations (PDF - 195K)

    • Appendix A: ISOR for the Diesel Rulemaking (July 24, 2003 Board Hearing)

    • Appendix B: Peer Reviews of the ISOR for the Diesel Rulemaking (July 24, 2003 Board Hearing) (PDF - 522K)

    • Or May be Downloaded Individually:

      • Dr. L.S Caretto (California State University, Northridge) (PDF - 219K)
      • Dr. Donald Lucas (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley) (PDF - 18K)
      • Dr. Robert F. Sawyer (University of California, Berkeley) (PDF - 34K)
      • Dr. J.W Miller (University of California, Riverside) (PDF - 220K)

    • Appendix C: incorporated into the Multimedia Staff Report.

    • Appendix D: Memoranda from OEHA, DTSC and SWRCB regarding the Need for a Multimedia Environmental Evaluations of the ARB's low sulfur California Diesel Fuel Regulations (PDF - 422K)


Multimedia Evaluation of the Use of Ethanol in California Gasoline

  • Health and Environmental Assessment of the Use of Ethanol as a Fuel Oxygenate (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) (PDF - 8M)


Multimedia Evaluation of Alternative Fuels Regulations (Currently Not Available)
1.Multimedia Evaluation of Viscon California, LLC.'s application for Verifying the Viscon Diesel Fuel Additive

  • Staff Report: Multimedia Evaluation of Viscon-Treated Diesel Fuel (PDF - 5.7M)
  • Viscon Tier I Report: Viscon Multimedia Evaluation (PDF - 12M)
  • Viscon Tier II Report: Viscon Multimedia Evaluation (PDF - 40M)
  • Viscon Tier III Final Report: Viscon Multimedia Evaluation  (PDF - 97 K)


Multimedia Evaluation of Lubrizol's Application for Verifying PuriNOx Alternative Diesel Fuel
  • Staff Report: Multi Media Assessments of Lubrizol's PuriNOx Water / Diesel Emulsion (PDF - 201K)     

  • Attachment A: Members of Interagency Multimedia Working Group (PDF - 8K)

  • Attachment B: Air Resources Board's Multi-Media Assessment: Air Emissions -- Assessment of Emissions of Lubrizol's PuriNOx Water/Diesel Emulsion on Exhaust Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines (PDF - 93K)

  • Attachment C: State Water Resources Control Board's Evaluation of Multimedia Impacts Resulting From The Use of PuriNOx Fuel in California: Impacts To Water (PDF - 68K)

  • Attachment D: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Review of the Data Supporting Lubrizol's Evaluation of Multimedia Impacts Resulting from the Use of PuriNOx Fuel in California (PDF - 152K)

  • Attachment E: Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment's Impact Assessment of PuriNOxTM Generation 1 and Generation 2 Diesel Fuel

    • Staff Report on Health Impacts of PuriNOx Generation 1 and Generation 2 Addtive Packages and Diesel Fuels (PDF - 109K)

  • Attachment F: Department of Toxic Substances Control's Review and Comments to Lubrizol

    • Review and Comments to Lubrizol Final Report: Multimedia Evaluation, PuriNOx Fuel Version 2 December 4, 2003 Final Report (PDF - 195K)
  • Attachment G: University of California Peer Reviews Comments (PDF - 474K)
  • Attachment H: ARB, OEHHA's Responses to Peer Review Comments (PDF - 67K)

  • Jun 23, 2015 - California Enviornmental Policy Council - Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuel
  • Aug 15, 2011 - California Environmental Policy Council - Viscon Fuel Additive
  • Jan 18, 2000 - California Environmental Policy Council - PuriNOx Alternative Diesel Fuel
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