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LCFS Workgroups and Subprograms

This page last reviewed May 9, 2016

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard regulation was approved by the Board on April 23, 2009 and became law on January 12, 2010. The Resolutuion 09-31 directed the ARB staff to establish several workgroups to address the issues that raised by the stakeholders during the rulemaking process. This page lists the workgroup and subprograms established for the LCFS. To see the past workgroups and subprograms, click here.

Current Workgroups and Subprograms

There are currently no active workgroups at this time. Staff will notify stakeholders if any of the workgroups become active.

Past Workgroups and Subprograms

LCFS Program Review Advisory Panel

Created to assist staff in assessing the efficacy of LCFS Program implementation. For more information, see the Advisory Panel web page.

LCFS Sustainability Workgroup (SWG)

The Board directed staff to work with stakeholders to develop sustainability provisions for the LCFS and bring recommendations back to the Board by December 2011. For more information see the SWG website.

LCFS Reporting Tool Workgroup (LRT)

Development of the Compliance Tools and Enforcement Protocol for the LCFS such as tracking, certification, and enforcement of fuels and fuel feedstock of LCFS. For more more information see the LRT web page.

LCFS Electricity Workgroup

The Electricity Workgroup was created to address issues related to regulated parties of electricity as a transportation fuel. The Board directed staff at the April 2009 hearing to form the workgroup with stakeholders and continue to work to review applicable provisions. For more information see the Electricity Workgroup web page.

Lifecycle Analysis Workgroup (LCA)

Investigation of the lifecycle of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gases of available transportation fuel pathways (so called Well-to-Wheel or WTW) including Sustainability, Land Use Conversion, Fuel Co-products, Default Values, Uncertainty, etc.).  For more information see the Fuel Pathways web page.

LCFS Expert Workgroup (EWG)

Address the indirect land use change (iLUC) of the biofuels. The first meeting was held on February 26, 2010 and monthly thereafter to identify the subjects and workplans. For more information, see the EWG web page.

Environmental and Economic Workgroup

  • December 2008: Proposed Economic Analysis pdf and Environmental Analysis Workplans for the LCFS.

Policy and Regulatory Workgroup

Examination and Recommendations of the appropriate Policy and Regulatory frameworks for LCFS Program in accordance to the California Legislature mandates and Governor's Executive Orders.