Low Carbon Fuel Standard Expert Workgroup - Subgroup Draft Final Reports

This page last reviewed November 5, 2010

This page provides draft final reports submitted by subgroups for discussion at the November 5, 2010 Expert Workgroup meeting

  • Elasticity Subgroup Report (PDF) - Presentation (PPTX)
  • Time Accounting Report (PDF) - Presentation (PPTX)
  • Comparative and Alternative Modeling Approaches Report (PDF)
  • Land Cover Types Report (PDF) - Presentation (PPTX)
  • Carbon Emissions Factors Report (PDF)
  • Indirect Effects of Other Fuels Report (PDF) - Presentation (PPTX)
  • Co-product Credits Report (PDF) - Presentation (PPTX)
  • Uncertainty Report (PDF) - Presentation (PPTX)
  • Food Consumption Report (PDF) - Presentation (PPTX)
  • ARB Staff Presentation (PPTX)

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